Momentary Gain ,, Eternal Pain

We used to have a saying when I was playing sports or working out in the Gym ,,, “No Pain,,, No Gain” – The theory being that unless you pushed your training to the point of complete muscle and body fatigue (muscle pain/failure) ,, you would not reach a higher level !!! It works for the most part depending on your dedication !!!

But what I am referring to with the Momentary Gain ,,, Eternal Pain reference is SIN !!!

All sin will bring you a moment of worldly Joy or Happiness or Wealth or Fame ,,, but in the end, after the glorious moment is past and it will for sure pass ,,, pain and suffering and destruction will follow ,,, no ifs,,, no ands,,, and no buts !!!

If there wasn’t that moment of worldly glory,,,, why would we sin ??? But it is a trap, a deception, a cruel joke instigated by Satan himself to try and destroy us !!!

If we don’t deal with this sin, it will only get worse and worse until it tears us apart !!!

If you have ever or are currently caught in one of these devilish deceptions ,,, as we all have been,,, there is only one way out !!! That is through the blood of Jesus Christ !! Only he can forgive us of our sins and defeat the Devil to restore peace to our lives !!

Only Jesus can break the vicious cycle of sin in our lives and forgive us our sins so we will not have to suffer eternal pain and suffering in Hell,,,, yes Hell !!!!

Invite Jesus into your heart and life and ask his forgiveness today so you can receive your forever gate pass into Heaven !!!

Do it now,,, as none of us knows what tomorrow will bring or even if we will still be here !!!

God Bless Every One of You !!!!

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