On my last post I talked about the Rapture- Now lets talk about the Post-Rapture, the times right after the Rapture happening- So where will you be and what will it be- If you accepted or have accepted the free gift of God to be saved through Jesus Christ,,, you will be in heaven immediately at the Rapture-

What if you didn’t accept or make the decision before the Rapture happens??? Well if you make it through the initial chaos after millions of people instantly disappear from the face of the earth, including car wrecks, plane crashes, train crashes and all kinds of other disturbances you will be in shock – Think about that for a minute,,, in an instant millions of people will simple disappear,,, the car they were driving, the boat they were operating, the plane they were flying, the operation they were doing, the ditch they were digging will be without them,,, I would say chaos !!!!

Okay if you didn’t make it through the initial stage and you didn’t receive Jesus before this,,, the bad news,,, you will be lost forever to eternal fire (Hell) – There is good news still however- If you do survive after the Rapture event,,, you can still be saved,, but it will be extremely difficult to accept and follow Jesus at that time- The restraining Holy Spirit will be pulled from the earth with the Rapture and Jesus followers will be the target of a world gone mad- The Prince of this world (Devil) at that time will not tolerate worship of anyone or anything but him- There will come a time during that 7 years (Tribulation period) before Christ returns that you will have to decide if you will follow/accept Christ and probably be put to death or take the Devil’s mark (666) and forfeit your right to heaven when you do die- Like I said,,, not a good time to have to make the choice-

Here is another sobering thought that I have researched a bit and believe to be true- The Rapture is to take God’s people (The ones that have accepted his Son Jesus and asked to be saved) out of the world before the terrible wrath of God is poured out on the unbelieving world during the 7 years of the Tribulation- So what about the children that are living at this time ??? I do not believe that God in his saving grace will allow the children that are below the age of accountability (the age where they understand their decision to accept or reject Jesus Christ ) at this time to be left after the Rapture- I believe they will be Raptured as well- So the comforting part of this is that,,, if you are unsaved and have small children, they will disappear to be with Christ in heaven at the Rapture- You will be left behind without them !!!! Will you ever see them again,,, only if you make the hardest decision of your life at a time when your life is experiencing the toughest time you have ever known and you chose Jesus knowing you will be persecuted, discriminated against and probably killed- But if you take that road,,, the Lord will be with you and you will be in heaven with your children upon your death-

This is not a pleasant read I know,,, but I don’t want anyone to have to go through the Tribulation and I certainly don’t want anyone,,, and I do mean anyone,,, to miss Heaven and go to Hell – Make your chose for Jesus now while it is still fairly easy to do !!!! Don’t just take my word for it either,,, get into the bible (KJV) and find yourself a Bible/Jesus believer and quiz them for the truth- Where you spend Your Eternity depends on it !!!!!


Well we have just came through another Christmas season- I love the Christmas time of year- Everyone seems to have a change of heart to the giving mode- People are friendlier and more patient it seems- We turn from the I, I, I,,,, Me, Me, Me mode into the Them, Them, Them, mode in a giving sort of way- Why ???

Well look at the reason for the season- It is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ- The one who came to earth and gave his all that we may have forgiveness of our sins and have the choice to spend eternity with him and his father in heaven- Our hearts crave that feeling, and for a bit of each year,,, it seems that we can be at peace with the world around us !!!

Thank you Lord for giving us your son Jesus that we have that choice !!!

Three Things God Can’t Do

I once read a sermon based on John 3:16, titled “Three Things God Can’t Do.” First, he loves us so much he cannot love us any more than he already does: “For God so loved the world . . . ” Second, he gave us so much he cannot give more than he already has: “that he gave his only begotten Son . . .” Third, he made salvation so simple he cannot make it any simpler: “that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

I read this at the “Denison Forum on Truth and Culture” Check it out,, it has great common sense commentary on daily and worldly events !!