Let’s Make a Deal

I sent out invitations to old friends to check out this site – I have received some positive feedback, which is always a wonderful uplift- I received and email from one special friend that I have lost touch with over the years- Not his doing but mine- I have not been good about staying in touch, but that is another story- Anyhow he wrote me that he was glad I was still alive and kicking and stated he was comfortable with his feeling on death and the hereafter- A little back ground here- Dave is one of those rare guys that has uncommon common sense- He has stopped me from making some bad decisions a few times in the past by injecting some good ole common sense- He has always amazed me with that- Well, he applied some here and it hit the nail right on the head- He said he thought it was great that I was comfortable with my beliefs and let’s make a deal,,,, I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me ,,,, Think about that for a minute- From a biblical point of view, that is exactly what the bible tells us- We are the witness, we plant the seed and then like the farmer, we go on about our business- We are not to judge,,,, after all, how can we judge- Can any of us see or know a person’s heart or deep down feeling and thoughts,,, I don’t think so- We only plant the seed in love and then let the Holy Spirit take it from there,,, but we are not to judge,,, judgement is to be left to God as he is the only one that knows the true person- Dave has amazed me again !!!


Think of Life as a set of stairs leading to heaven,,, each step has its trials and rewards. You have to pass through them all to get to the next step. You have to have the Lords help to continue up,,, without the Lord, you will think you are going up,,, but you are actually going down ???