Think About It

I have just finished reading Gary Frazier’s book ” Hell is Real and Why it Matters” Basically it scared the Hell out of me !!! Gary brought up a good point to think about and consider.

Lets say that there is only a 10% chance that the Bible and Biblical Prophecy are true. Let me think,,, that doesn’t sound like a big risk. Why bother with this fantasy ??? Well lets look at it another way. Say, for instance, that 10% of all Airplane flights crashed in a fiery finish,,, that is one flight out of every ten. Would you get on another airplane ?? I don’t think so !! But what if is was only 1% risk,, that’s a lot easier to discount,,, right. Well I just looked up some airports for flights per day. From what I saw we can average at about 1000 flights per day from larger airports. So what does that say,,, at 10% you will have 100 crashes each day per airport ??? Would you get on a plane ?? What about 1%,, you still loose 10 planes per day per airport. Airlines would go broke pretty quickly !!

So if the odds of Biblical Prophecy being true, is only 1%,,, considering that you have to make a choice during this life of where you will spend eternity. No second chances after this life is done,,, wouldn’t you, at least, want to research this Biblical Prophecy a bit before you completely dismissed it because you don’t understand or believe ???

We are in the end times,,, It may be prudent to, at least, check into this Biblical Prophecy thing,, before it is too late !!!

Good start is the book referenced above.