Guilt and Regret

Guilt,,,, we have all experienced it or are experiencing it right now in our lives- We call it a Guilty Conscience- It’s a kind of safety valve that goes off in our head when we are doing or have done something that we know is wrong !!!

From experience, I can tell you that you can go on living a long time with a guilty conscience pounding in your head and still continue down that wrong path,,, the reason for your guilt !!!

You can and probably will continue on that sinful path because,,, hey,,, we can all deal with a little hidden guilt,,, right ???

Right up until the consequences of our sin begin to materialize,,, that brings Regret ,,, which forces us to deal with our sin, as these consequences can’t be hidden away and concealed any longer !!!

I’m here to tell you that if you have a guilty conscience from sin,,, it is only a matter of time until consequences and regret starts consuming your life- It may be sooner or it may be later,,, but if you continue, it is coming !!! No ifs,,, No ands,,, No buts !!!

Now here is some good news !!! If you are a believer and have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into you life and have just moved into darkness of the world for a bit,,,, you can call on him for help, repent of your sin and he will be there with you !!! He will, usually, not take away the consequences of your sin,,, but he will be with you and comfort you through them !!!

It is the same for a non-believer in Jesus when the consequences hit,,, if you call on him and believe in him and ask forgiveness,, he will come into your life and save you and comfort you through the consequences!!!

If you chose not to call on him and take it on yourself,,, I will be praying for you, as consequences can be devastatingly harsh !!!

Have a Great Day and may God Bless You !!!

New Day

Starting a New Day !!!

With it will come new Challenges !!!

With it will come new Blessings !!!

With it will come new Miracles !!!

With it we will witness God’s hand at work all around us !!!

Look with your eyes and heart together and you will see !!

As you see you will be filled with Awesome Wonder !!!

Now you will have a Great New Day !!!

So ,,,,, One Minute

So you say you don’t believe in Jesus or any such higher power that’s guiding everything and loves ,,,, YOU !!!!

But on the other hand ,,,,, you feel deep down in your heart that there is no peace and something is really missing in your life !!!

So I am going to challenge you for just “one minute”,,,, that’s one minute out of 1440 minutes in a single day,,, that’s 1/1440th of a day ,,, Giving just one minute, may just show you something amazing and ,,, just maybe ,,, fill you with what your heart is longing for !!!

You ready to give yourself,,, just one minute ??? What do you have to lose ,,, other then one minute out of your day ???

Okay,,, I want you to clear your mind and heart and sit quietly and pray this simple prayer ,,, don’t turn away for just one minute !!!

Dear Jesus,,, please come into my heart and show me your peace and let me know you are really out there !!!

There you go,,,, if you genuinely want to change your life,,, you will have an amazing response from him !!!

To you believers that already know this,,, try this on an unbelieving friend or family member ???

Is giving “one minute” worth it ???? Yes it is !!! Jesus can do miracles in a lot less then a minute !!!

God Bless Your Day !!!!

I am praying for each and every minute !!!

Won’t it be Nice Part 2

I was thinking about my post last night and realized that maybe I need to clarify the Ticket to Heaven statement !!!

When you give your heart to Jesus and invite him into you life,,, he grants you a free ticket to heaven ,,,, bought and paid for by him at the Cross of Calvary !!!

It is a completely free ticket,,,, but you have to accept it !!!

So how do you accept it,,,,

1st – You have to believe that he has the power and ability to offer the ticket !!! (Belief)

2nd – You have to ask him for the ticket from you heart !!! (Acceptance)

3rd – You have to admit that you have sinned and ask his forgiveness !!! (Admit you are a sinner and ask for his Forgiveness and to fill you and guide you with the I dwelling of his Holy Spirit !!!

4th – That’s it !!! You now have a free ticket on the lightning rocket to heaven at the end of your days here or when the Rapture occurs,, whichever come first !!!

Ohhhh ,,, did I mention it is free !!! We all like free stuff,,,, right !!!

God Bless Your Day !!!!