A Verse for You

I am convinced that there is a Bible verse that will answer and instruct you in any question you may have.  A verse, just for you, at any particular time in your life. A verse that will guide you through any situation and lead to the right path and right answer. A verse that will seem as though it is speaking only to you,,, and it will be !!

How do you find this special verse ,,,, you find Jesus. You believe in him and admit your sin, you ask him into your life and you start reading his word from his Bible.

At this point, the word begins speaking to your heart through the Holy Spirit,, because the word is already in your heart. Jesus is the key to open that vast love and wisdom that he has already put there. Now the verses of his word become the food your heart longs for.  It unlocks the joy and peace that can only come to a heart that has been rejoined to him.

You will be, finally, at home in your heart,  All else will become secondary !!!