Probably a Blessing ??

I just heard from a friend of mine, Gary, that another friend, Neil, that I had worked with years ago had just passed away- From what I know and have heard through the years about Neil is that he had a tough few years before passing- He was fighting a type of cancer, divorce issues and monetary distress- When I first heard about him, I immediately thought to myself,,,, this is probably a blessing that he is finally finished with the distress of this world !!!

But wait ,,,, Giving it some thought I realized that it may not be a blessing at all,,, depending on his soul state at the moment of death ???

If he had at any point in his life asked for Jesus Christ to come into his life/heart and save him,,, it is indeed a Great Blessing !!! He was instantly in the arms of the Lord to spend eternity in everlasting love and peace, without the concerns and trials of this life !!! A place that infinitely exceeds the best day of his life !!

But on the other hand, if he never took that step to accept Jesus,,, he is existing in total darkness and despair that infinitely exceeds the very worst day of his life !!!

I know that this seems incredibly harsh, but Jesus has given us a whole lifetime to make our decision about eternity,,, Heaven or Hell. It is strictly between you and the Lord,,, no one can make the decision for you !!!!

So I would ask,,, why would we take the chance of going to Hell when we can guarantee Heaven- As I said, it is strictly between you and the Lord !!!

We all like Win/Win situations, and I think this is one of those !!!

So if you open your heart to Jesus and sincerely ask him into your life,,, I know for sure your life will change, and you will be filled with joy, peace and love,,, so you Win,,, Big Time !!!

If on the other hand, you are not filled with his Spirit of love and peace, you will remain exactly as you are now,,, so what have you risked,,,, nothing,,, as in all or nothing !!!

As I said ,,, this is only between you and Jesus ,,, so no one else will know unless you tell them !!! I call that a Win/Win scenario !!!

Think About it and God Bless Your Day !!!

Wrong for Wrong and Sin for Sin

There is an ole saying that goes like this “Two Wrongs don’t make a Right “!!! In all my decades here on earth,,, these are, true to life, words !!! You can’t continue to cover one wrong with another wrong,,, i.e ,,, More stealing to cover past theft,,, Bigger lies to cover past lies,,, more gossip to cover past gossip,,, more sin to cover past sins !!!

The long and short of these actions is that you are just putting off the inevitable (incapable of being avoided or evaded) !!!

Another saying that goes along with this comes to mind. ” Pay me now or pay me later,,, but later is always more expensive “. In short, the consequences of your actions will be compounded as time goes on !!!

I can almost guarantee that there will come a day of reckoning in your future,,, be it today, tomorrow, next week, next month or years from now,,, it will come to pass, and you will have to deal with it !!! There will be no more cover-up !!!

My advice, if this is your lifestyle,,, fess up and face the music !! It is better earlier rather than later- Clear the slate and get on with your life- You will feel much better for it and get out of the wrong for wrong endless circle !!!

If continual sin is your issue,,,, and we all have to deal with many temptations, each day,,, the only way out is to seek, believe, accept and ask forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ,,, He has already cleared the slate for you if you will just accept him and his teaching !!!

Whichever it is in your life,,, start the changing process today- You will be better for it tomorrow and happier going forward !!!

God Bless and have a Great Day !!!!