Dairy Farms and Women’s Sports

I grew up on a small dairy farm and then later in life had my own dairy for a few years !!

So what, exactly, is the purpose of a dairy farm ,,,,, to produce milk and female calves to continue my herd into the future !!!

I always had a number of dairy bulls and steers in the herd for breeding and sale !! Okay all is well and good !!

But what if ???

I always liked the big dairy bulls,,,, huge, fast, massive animals !! An impressive animal to see !!

So what if I threw common sense and science out the window and went with my delusion to have a dairy herd of bulls and steers ???

Well two things are going to happen,,,, 1st ,,,, I am not going to need a milk barn or milk truck to pick up the milk,,,, because Bulls and Steers do not give milk,,,, no matter what I feed them or how hard I wish for them to change !!!

2nd ,,,, I will not have any replacement stock to continue my operation because Bulls and Steers do not get pregnant !!!

But I am undeterred,,, I will change the nomenclature to better fit them,,, that may help !!! I will call them She-Bulls and She-Steers ,,,, that should help !!! So I have an impressive field of She-Bulls and She-Steers ,,,, but still no milk or offspring no matter what I drug or shoot them up with to change them ???

Long and Short of this deal,,,, I am out of the Dairy business,,, not my opinion,,, just fact !!!

The sad story is,,,, I see girls and women’s sports going in the same direction as my She-Bull Dairy farm !!!

Let’s look at the facts of what is happening in women’s sports ,,, whether it is swimming, golf, track and field or basketball,,, it is being taken over by She-Men and She-Boys under the guise of inclusiveness which will eventually destroy girls and women’s sport as we know it,,, and not for the better !!!

Girls and Women cannot compete with She-Men and She-Boys and win,,, this is not an opinion,,, this is scientific fact !! Believe it or not or call it whatever you want ,,,, will not change the fact !!!

A dairy farm will not survive with She-Bulls and She-Steers and girls and women’s sports will not survive with She-Men and She-Boys included on an equal plane !! Here again ,,, not opinion just fact,,, just look at the history !!!

So, as with my dairy farm,,, women’s sports will not survive with the delusion of She-Men and She-Boys being okay and equal,,, You will end up with She-Men and She-Boy sports without the girls and women !!!

One last question ,,,,, how many She-Men and She-Boys would you have invading girls and women’s sports without the notoriety or winning they achieve,,,,,,,,, Short Answer ,,,,,,, NONE !!!

Have a Great Day !!! God Bless !!!!


Fear,,,, we all have experienced it or are experiencing it right now !! There seems to be a lot of fear in the world right now!! So what,,, if anything, can we do about it and deal with any fears in our life ???

What causes fear ??

In my experience fear comes when an “unknown” enters my life !! I tend to have a basic fear of something that I do not understand or can’t confidently predict the outcome,,, that will have an effect on my life !!

But who can overcome an unknown,, before it is known,,, and eliminate the fear associated with it ???

Well,,,, we have to get to know and trust the knower of all unknown’s !!!

That would be the Lord Jesus Christ ,,,, our Heavenly Father and creator of all things !!! He is the only one in which there are no unknown’s so there is no fear !!!

If you believe in him and lay all your unknown’s at his feet and follow in faith his guidance,,, he will take away your fears and guide you through any unknown in peace and confidence !!!

Believe me,,, that is a good feeling in this day and age of constant unknown’s thrown in our path !!!

Get to know the knower of all unknown’s and let him remove the fear from your life !!!

It works !!!

God Bless and have a fearless day !!!


Some of us have been or most have heard about someone that did something, almost unbelievable, and was called a Hero !!! They can be big or small, male or female, young or old, and come in all shapes and sizes !!!

So what makes them react, above and beyond, at that juncture in time when they are confronted with a Life or Death moment for them or someone else ???

I believe in that instant, their spiritual hand reaches upwards, and connects with the hand of God !! He instantly fills them with overwhelming faith and courage !! This incredible power of faith literally devours any thought or doubt of not proceeding and surviving !!!

Thus,,, at that moment in time, they are blessed, to go above and beyond their normal physical or mental being !!

Faith is a powerful thing ,,, as it says in the Bible,, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed and believe,,, you can move a mountain !!

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” ~Matthew 17:20-21

Believe in Jesus, have faith, and you will be amazed at what he will do in your life !!

God Bless and Have a Great Day !!!!!

Who Am I

So,,, exactly,,, who am I ???

Well first the basic truth !! I am a created being ,,, created by God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son !! I was created to live an abundant life of joy, peace and happiness while loving and being loved by him !!!

And guess what ??? This basic truth applies to each and every one of us, no exceptions and no matter whether we choose to believe it or not !!!

So here comes what can be a stubbing block for us ,,,, We belong to him, as our father and creator,,, completely,,, just as my grandpa used to say ,,, “lock, stock and barrel” !!

Sound harsh and unfair ??? Well,,, here is the love part ,,, Choice … He didn’t make us as robots that caters to his every request or desire,,, he instilled in us the element of Choice !!! We can chose either to accept him through his son Jesus Christ or chose to reject him !! That choice is all ours and rests completely with us as we live our earthly life !!!

So here is the catch ,,, that choice has to be made while we are living in this life ,,, once we pass-on (die) the choice is gone !!

Every other earthly choice we make in this life will be gone with us,,, except for this one !!

We do not just cease to exist at the end of this life ,,, our soul/spirit will continue for eternity ,,, somewhere ???

Where is ,,, somewhere ??? It depends on your choice and nothing else ,,, your choice !!! There are only two options/destinations,,,, Heaven or Hell !!!

If you choose to accept Jesus Christ into your life and ask forgiveness of your sin ,, you will be saved !!

At that instant he will fill you with his Holy Spirit, which brings love, peace, and joy into your life ,,, no matter what your situation may be !!! He will bless you as you live forward and you will spend eternity in Heaven with him !!!

Romans 10:9 ESV
[9] because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

If you refuse to choose him or do not make a choice to accept him, in this present life ,,, you will spend eternity in separation from him in darkness and turmoil (Hell)!!! Not a good choice !!!

Closing note !! I have had people ask me how I could believe in a God that could send people to hell for eternity??? My answer ,,, God doesn’t send any of us to hell ,,, we send ourselves because of the choice we made or refused to make !!!

Make your choice today ,,, knowing the consequences of that choice !!! None of us knows what tomorrow may bring !!!

God Bless and have a Great Day !!!