Something isn’t right ??

Do you feel it,, deep down inside,, something seems amiss. It is tugging at your being, weighing heavy on your heart.  I know if you were brought up taught about Jesus or heard about Jesus later, but strayed away to chase the world, as I did,,, you can feel it more and more each day.  What is it ????

It is Jesus telling us that time is short. We are almost at the end of this age,, the rapture is coming.  We know it deep down,,, what do we do. We need to prepare and share this warning with the people around us, both friend and foe. Pray for forgiveness and the strength to witness. Be what we have probably never been,, a shining light for Jesus and a pain for the world.

Heaven,,, and Hell are both real and waiting in the wings. We will spend eternity in one or the other after this present life. It all depends on the decision to accept Jesus as our personal savior or not. There are no second chances after we pass through this present life, your decision or no decision will be sealed for eternity.

Please look up to Jesus and I guarantee he will be there waiting. He will forgive all your sin and lighten your heart of any burden. The peace and quite in your soul will be overwhelming and Satan will flee from you.

Make the choice now !!!!! Time is growing short !!!!

I am praying for you !!!


If you stop and think about it ??? This life, here on earth, is just the pre-game, the tail gate party, the warm up before the Eternal final game after this earthy existence.

If you break it down further, this life is basically to make one decision or choice, about where you will spend eternity. Will you choose to believe and accept Jesus Christ (Eternity in Heaven) or not (Eternity in Hell)

It really is that simple and it really is only your choice to make !!!

A book to read and seriously think about

This is not fiction. You will spend eternity either in heaven or in hell. You may make fun of this now, ridicule it, and try to forget it. But I can guarantee you one thing: you will think about it when you double over with a heart attack, your vision dims, and your breath goes away. If the doctor tells you that you have cancer and three months to live, you will think about this. If you have a peaceful deathbed and your family gathers around to watch you die, you will think of this. I would rather you consider me harsh now and thank God in eternity that you listened to me than to like me now and burn in hell forever. It is that straightforward.

Frazier, Gary (2014-12-15). Hell is for Real: Why it Matters (p. 32). New Leaf Press. Kindle Edition.


All these years I have been chasing,,,, Every time I think I have found what I am chasing,, it is a false illusion ,,,, what is it I am chasing ???? Well it finally came to me that I need to quick chasing and enjoy what I have found,,, that is where life is ,,, it is so simple and yet so difficult,,,, ENJOY ~~~~ Where you are !!!