Lucky Strike

My Dad was a smoker and Lucky Strike was his cigarette of chose- He started smoking while he was in basic training in the Navy in the early forties after the start of the war with Japan- He was in basic training in California during the summer- Of course, they marched and trained every day- When the drill instructors decided to take a break,,, they would call out,,,, “smoke em if you got em”,,,, If you were a smoker you could move to the side of the field and sit and have a break,, if you didn’t smoke,,, you got to stand in formation,,, well as you can image, everyone was a smoker by about the third day !!!

I never, in all my years growing up,,, saw my dad without his Lucky Strike’s and/or 90% of the time he had one in his mouth smoking it- He is passed away now but my mental picture of him is,,, his head is cocked a bit to the side so the smoke from his cigarette wouldn’t get in his eyes !!

Well as you can probably guess by now,, he got into his late seventies and was diagnosed with lung cancer,,, after smoking for 50 years !!! He went into Chemo-Therapy and later Radiation treatments,,, that basically killed him !!!

I was gone from home for most of this,,, but it was, of course, very hard on the family- My dad was a great dad,,, hard-working farmer and disciplined father and loyal husband- I wish I had practiced more of how he lived in my life !!!!

Anyhow during all his Chemo/Radiation treatment, I went home to see everyone- My dad loved to cook and did most of the cooking during my teenage years at home- I walked into the kitchen the evening I got home to see my dad while he was cooking,,,, Good Stuff- Then I looked upon the top of the refrigerator and setting there in plain sight, red and white, was a package of Lucky Strike cigarettes ??? Surprised,,, I asked him,,, “Are you smoking again” ??? He quit when he was diagnosed with lung cancer, I was told- He said: “no I am not smoking” !! I asked,,, “Why do you have those cigarettes setting there???”,,, I will never forget his response,,, ” They are like an Ole Friend and I like seeing them up there” !!

My thought was,,, an old friend that is/was responsible for his early demise !!!! Anyhow he didn’t last long after that- The radiation zapped his immunity system to the point that he didn’t have any- Fluid in the lungs finally got him !!!!

I guess, looking back at all this is,,, what Ole Friends do I have in my life that are detrimental to my health or well-being and I still keep them around- They might be drinking, drugs, greed, unfaithfulness, lying, deception, unhealthy relationship,,, it could be any or all of them

 The point is ,,, which of these “Ole Friends” am I hanging onto ,,, just off center of my attention- Even if I have quit them, do I still keep them in view ,,, just in case I have a weak moment !!!

To beat them I have to clear them off the top of the refrigerator,, out of mind and out of site/temptation !!! But how do I do that,,, I am a pretty weak person with some of these “Ole Friends”

I need help with these Ole Friends !!

In my life that help has always come through faith in the cleansing power of Jesus Christ- He is the only one that can change me from the inside out and remove the temptation !!!

I am broken ,,, I am lost ,,, and I am a sinner ,,, but through prayer and faith in him I am slowly beating these detrimental “Ole Friends ”

In my long years of experience,,, nothing else will truly free you from your Ole Friends !!!

God Bless !!!!


How much control do we have with or about our life- What can we actually accomplish in the time we have- Well,,,, we can do anything we set our minds too,,,, but we can only do it one day at a time-

I have read somewhere that God gave us life but he gave it to us as packets,,,, each packet is one day- Each morning is a new beginning as we open a new packet that contains all that day has to offer and at the end of the day that packet is gone !!

There is a song that covers all this pretty well- Its called One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus – Here is a part of that song,,,

“One day at a time sweet Jesus, That’s all I’m asking of you, Just give me the strength, To do every day what I have to do, Yesterday’s gone sweet Jesus, And tomorrow may never be mine, Lord, help me today, show me the way, One day at a time “

So what can we control,,,, Today !!! That is what we have to work with- We can’t change anything that happened yesterday (as in actual yesterday) and we have no control over tomorrow until it becomes today and today is lost to yesterday !!

We can dream about tomorrow, hope for tomorrow, plan for tomorrow, pray for tomorrow and wish for tomorrow,,,, but we can’t do anything with tomorrow until it becomes today !!

Looking at it like this,,,, it should become a high priority to start what we want to accomplish,,, Today,,, because we don’t know or have any control over tomorrow,,, today !!! As the truth in the song says,,,, “Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never to mine ”

With all that is happening all around the world each day,  it is becoming painfully apparent that we have very little control of today becoming tomorrow !!!

So the long and short of all this ??? Well, I would suggest that we quit being a,,, “put it off” “wait until tomorrow” “there will be time later” person !!!!

If you want to tell someone you love them,,, do it today !!!- If you want to write a book,, start it today !!! If you want to run a race,,, start training today !!! If you need to tell someone you are sorry,,, do it today !!! If you need to play with your kids,,, play with them today !!! If you are desiring to find out about or seek Jesus for forgiveness and salvation,,, do it today !!!

We only have today that is a bit in our control- I would guess that most of the people that passed on today,,, didn’t think they would pass on yesterday,,, and the people that may pass on tomorrow,,, don’t think they will today

Make Everyday Count for What You Want to Be or Do,,, ONE (EACH) DAY AT A TIME !!!

God Bless !!!!