Question Answered

I firmly believe that God, through Jesus Christ, is in charge of this world !! He knows every heart, because he created every heart!!

He has a plan, his will, that is moving forward each day !! No one or no thing or no being, can open a door he has closed or close a door he has opened without his blessing !!!

So a question has bugged me for a while

If he is in charge of all, and knows the beginning from the end and end from the beginning, and every instant is under his control and set in stone,,,, so to speak ,,,, how can I, a mire human, change anything that he has destined ???

I asked myself why,, why should I ask for something that seems completely out of his plan or against his will ???

An example- If you follow and study Biblical prophecy, you will learn that the United States is not mentioned as a major player in end times prophecy !! So that means that the US has to fall from prominence during the final days, which I believe is beginning as we speak !!

Okay, so I would ask, why would I pray for the US when it seems to be against his prophecies and thus his will ???

Well I received the answer to my question this morning , as I was reading, from a quote by Oswald Chambers who passed on a hundred years ago !!

God alters the inevitable when we get in touch with him

So there it is ,,,, plain as day,,, we just need to be in touch with God

Okay,,, How do we do that ???

Through belief in prayer, that he is in charge and can alter the inevitable !!!

So pray for the impossible and believe in your heart that God can make it happen and he will answer your prayers !!!

From my experience, God always answers my sincere heart pleading prayers,,,, (Qualifier) if I have unwavering faith – It may not be the answer I wanted but he always answers and the answer is always the best answer to my prayer ,,, usually beyond my comprehension when asking !!!

So love Jesus and talk with him as the true friend he will become and he will bring overwhelming joy and unimaginable peace to your heart and life,,, even though chaos is all around you !!!

God Bless and have a GREAT DAY !!!!

3 Days

Have you ever thought about how amazing and efficient our minds are !!! We still do not understand most of the workings of our brain’s !!! God definitely put his wisdom and knowledge on display when he gave us our brain !!!

Take for instance how our brain deals with time and memory !!!

It seems to me that our brain deals with past, present and future as 3 days ,,, yesterday, today and tomorrow !!!

For instance ,,, I can remember when I was about 2 years old throwing my first rock,,, through my mother’s favorite window !!! I can remember my 16th birthday and 25th birthday,,, getting rolled on by a horse on my 40th birthday,,, first day in the army,,, first day of college and my 60th and 70th birthday !!! These were all years and decades ago,,, but they seem like yesterday !!!

Now I am living in today,,, but only in the current moment,, after this moment is gone I can do nothing to change it and the next moment is in the future,,, which I can not do much about either !!!

So what should we gain from these 3 short days ??? The moment past is yesterday and moment future is tomorrow,, so I would say,,, we need to live to the fullest in this moment present, so tomorrow we have a wonderful memory from yesterday !!!

God Bless and Have a Beautiful Day for Tomorrow !!!

Momentary Gain ,, Eternal Pain

We used to have a saying when I was playing sports or working out in the Gym ,,, “No Pain,,, No Gain” – The theory being that unless you pushed your training to the point of complete muscle and body fatigue (muscle pain/failure) ,, you would not reach a higher level !!! It works for the most part depending on your dedication !!!

But what I am referring to with the Momentary Gain ,,, Eternal Pain reference is SIN !!!

All sin will bring you a moment of worldly Joy or Happiness or Wealth or Fame ,,, but in the end, after the glorious moment is past and it will for sure pass ,,, pain and suffering and destruction will follow ,,, no ifs,,, no ands,,, and no buts !!!

If there wasn’t that moment of worldly glory,,,, why would we sin ??? But it is a trap, a deception, a cruel joke instigated by Satan himself to try and destroy us !!!

If we don’t deal with this sin, it will only get worse and worse until it tears us apart !!!

If you have ever or are currently caught in one of these devilish deceptions ,,, as we all have been,,, there is only one way out !!! That is through the blood of Jesus Christ !! Only he can forgive us of our sins and defeat the Devil to restore peace to our lives !!

Only Jesus can break the vicious cycle of sin in our lives and forgive us our sins so we will not have to suffer eternal pain and suffering in Hell,,,, yes Hell !!!!

Invite Jesus into your heart and life and ask his forgiveness today so you can receive your forever gate pass into Heaven !!!

Do it now,,, as none of us knows what tomorrow will bring or even if we will still be here !!!

God Bless Every One of You !!!!