I had a thought

I had a thought the other night, or maybe a revelation, but whatever I call it,,, I believe it was direction from the Holy Spirit. It simply stated that I am letting Satan control me,,,, WHAT,, how can that be. I certainly am not perfect, but I am reading the Bible and praying. I can see the prophecies unfolding each day around me as foretold in the Bible. I see the deceptions of the Devil in the world more and more each day. I have asked for forgiveness and have accepted Jesus as my Savior,,, so how could Satan be controlling me ????

Short answer,,,, By letting Satan deceive me into thinking I need to keep my mouth shut….

Hmmmmm ,, come to think about it, I don’t know anyone that can read minds ?? So what good is the knowing, the seeing, the thinking and the incite that I have received from Jesus  to anyone else,,,,, if I don’t open my mouth and let them know what I know so Jesus can begin to work in their lives as well.

Forgive me Lord and give me the strength and courage to “Open my Mouth”


My experience has been that anger is usually not a good thing and uncontrolled anger (Rage, Wrath) is never a good thing. The result of uncontrolled anger can affect you, the people around you and animals for days, weeks, months or even life. In the Bible from James 1:19-20 we see the Lords instruction toward anger. “19 My dearly loved brothers, understand this:Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger, 20 for man’s anger does not accomplish God’s righteousness”. No truer words. Anger certainly doesn’t help our cause in accomplishing anything.