Look Around

Look around ,,,, what do you see,,,, trees, flowers, grass, clouds, blue sky, oceans, tall building of all shapes and sizes, airplanes, space ships, cars, trains and so much more ,,, all given to us by the Lord God Almighty through his son Jesus- But because of our Pride, Arrogance, Selfishness and I’ness,, we try and take the credit and glorify ourselves- But you know what ,,, this all is nothing compared to what we can have for eternity by just believing and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into our lives- We puff up our chests and try and take the credit for everything,,, when actually nothing is ours to take any credit for- The credit should always and in all things go to God, and, as it says in the Bible, if you glorify him,, he will glorify you- Any and all glory we receive should and must come from God,,,, not from man,,, if it is to have any beneficial effect or meaning in our lives.

God is in Charge

God is in Charge and Satan is powerless against him- Take the birth of Jesus, for instance- There was a bright star leading Kings to baby Jesus, there were Angels visiting shephards in the fields, surely Satan saw all this,,, but could he stop it ?? Well the proof is clear as day, Jesus was born and there was nothing that Satan could do about it until he was allowed by God- We need to understand and accept the power of God and the way things work- God is in total control and his master plan is unfolding everyday- Whether we believe it or reject it will have no bearing on the outcome and the end result of his plan – What our rejection or acceptance of the Lord Jesus and Gods plan will effect is where we spend eternity- There are only two options here,,, Heaven if we accept and ask forgiveness of Jesus ,,, or Hell if we reject Jesus – God’s master plan will move to completion just the way he has it planned either way and we will end up in Heaven with Jesus or in the Lake of Fire with Satan,,, completely our choice in this present life !!

The Train of Life

Life is like a train with cars added for each new thing we encounter as we head down the track. Cars from the Lord bring hope, happiness, contentment, freedom and Eternal Life. Worldly cars bring drag, stress, unhappiness, slavery and Eternal Suffering. Join the Jesus Train Today !!!!

In hope he believed against hope

“Romans 4:18 – In hope he believed against hope” This passage is talking about Abraham after he was promised by God to be the father of great nations and he was about 100 years old- His wife Sarah was barren and old as well,,, what physical worldly hope could there be to father nations at his age- But he believed God and In hope he believed against hope,,, that anything is possible with hope given by God against the impossible worldly hope which is based on our own limited perspective- Have you ever had a hope, knowing, deep inside, that it was impossible to achieve with our own devices- I had one just this week- I experienced, what seemed to be, a hopeless situation at my work and for my family – It was a gut wrenching time and I couldn’t see any possible positive outcome- Foul Weather had entered my life- It was a time when I had absolutely no where to turn but to God- Looking back, this developed from years of my living style and all came together with one event- I was truly hopeless and lost as to what I could do, a place I had not been before- I turned to reading the bible and praying for peace- I came across this verse “In hope he believed against hope” I knew Jesus had shown me the way,,, He said “Larry you must hope and believe in me for the answer and solution even when you cannot see any hope” ,, Gods Hope against my hope- Well the outcome was beyond what I could hope and clearly showed me that God is in control if you hope and believe in him- He also taught me a very valuable lesson about how I was living my life – I pray that I can make the changes that I know I need to make to follow Jesus and glorify him in everything I do – Thank You Jesus