Air and Water

There are some things in our life and existence that we know, naturally, to be true !!!

For instance,,, Air,,, we know at a very early age that air is really important to our well-being- We may not understand it or know exactly what is in it that we need,,, but we know we need it-  Just hold your breath for a while and see how it becomes more and more important to have that next breath as just a short amount of time goes by !!!

Water is another essential part of our continued existence- Lack of water doesn’t work as fast as air to get our attention,,, but over time it becomes incredibly important- Water, or the lack of it, tends to work in a bit different way then lack of air in people !!

My case in point: After my leg amputation, I was staying at my daughter and her husband’s house for a bit getting healed and preparing for my prosthetic leg- I love latte’s, so I tend to drink more than I should, even at the expense of water-

Anyhow, one evening about nine o’clock, I was thinking about calling home to my wife and daughter – That is the last recollection I have of the rest of that evening until I woke up at 04:30, the next morning, on a gurney in the emergency room-

The story my daughter tells me is that they got a call from my wife stating that they needed to check on me downstairs as I was being really strange on the phone and couldn’t remember a lot of general information, like the dog’s name, grandma’s name and other things !! They checked and sure enough, there was a problem-

I was conscious but incoherent and babbling a bit- They immediately thought I had had a Stroke and loaded me in the car to go to town, about 40 miles away- My son-in-law said that I went into about a 2-minute circular cycle talking all the way to town- I would talk for about 2 minutes and then start over again from the same point, over and over- He even started timing me to see the loop timeframe !!! Interesting !!!

Well they started tests but the miracle thing they did, right off the bat,,, plug me into saline (liquid) – My daughter said that within about 5 minutes I began to make sense and recognize them – That was basically the point where I started to remember (I am, still, completely blank as to what happened for those 7 1/2 hours)-

Long and short,,, I was completely dehydrated, and my body was beginning to shut down, even with all the lattes!!!

All is good now,,, but it was a real eye-opener for me, my daughter, and her husband-

 I would highly recommend that you drink plenty of water first,,, and all the other good stuff later !!! I have heard that when you are thirsty, your body is already starting to dehydrate !!! Lesson Learned ,,,, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK plenty of WATER !!!

God Bless One and all and have a tall cool glass of water !!!!

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