Death, now here is a word and thought we may not want to think about or talk about very often !! But the fact remains that this is the one future event that is 100% certain to happen !! We are all going to face Death- As the ole saying goes “No one gets out of this life alive” !! Or as it states in the Bible,,, Hebrews 9:27 – Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment

So the question is, should we fear death ?? Well from my perspective, that question has both a yes and no answer, depending on the preparations/decisions we make in this present life !!

Death is, in the most simple terms, an exit door- It is the door that takes us from this physical existence on earth into our spiritual existence in Heaven or Hell, depending on our decision while here on earth !!!

On the, No I don’t fear death, side of the coin is the person who has made the decision to accept the saving grace of the Lord Jesus and accepted him as their personal savior- At that point you are born again (spiritually) and filled with his Holy Spirit- Then, when you pass through Death’s door you will be welcomed into Heaven by Jesus and reside in Paradise with him and all the other believers for Eternity- No more pain, No more illness, No more Sin and No more Lies and Deception !!! Happiness, Contentment, Joy and Peace for Eternity !!!

On the other side of the coin, Yes I do(should) fear death, is the person who has not made a decision to accept Jesus, has put off the decision for later or knowingly refused his saving grace offer- This person will also pass through the exit door of death, but will not be welcomed into Heaven, but be sent to Hell for Eternity !! Total separation from Jesus, constant torment and suffering for ever and ever !! At that point there is no way to change your mind or circumstances – Definitely, not a place that anyone would desire to be, if the real truth is known- Once you pass through Death’s door, there is no going back !!! Your earthy decision is final, whether you made a conscious decision not to accept (reject) Jesus or just put it off too long and didn’t make a decision or commitment to Jesus before your death !!!

Death is a done deal for everything here on earth and you can’t take anything from here with you – You can’t change your mind afterwards, no church can save you, no individual can save you, no one can buy you out of Hell- It is completely and only your decision to make while you are living here on earth !!!

If you haven’t made your decision yet or have made the wrong decision, not to accept Jesus, you still have time to change your stance and solidify you place in Heaven while you are still here !!! Something to seriously think about – Don’t put it off !!! We do not know our scheduled time to meet Death !!! There are a lot of people that were living yesterday that have meant Death today and will not have the opportunity to make their decision tomorrow !!!

Why would I write about this,,,, because I seriously believe in the Truth of Jesus’s teachings and do not wish Hell on anyone,,,, friend, foe, or unknown !!!

This truth is from John 14:6 – “Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me” – In short,,, if you want to spend eternity in Heaven with your God Father ,,, you have to know and accept Jesus, the Son while here on earth !!!

God Bless Everyone !!!