Sometimes you run across different quotes, sayings or interesting ideas that just hit the nail right on the head- I ran across one of these years ago and it spring back to memory last night- Not my saying but someone else’s that hit the spot- Here it is !!!

Know Jesus,,, Know Peace
No Jesus,,, No Peace

If you know Jesus then you can relate to what this says- If you don’t know Jesus then you will have a hard time with it and my guess, from 70 years on this earth,,, is that you have never had true peace in your heart !!

One thing that has become perfectly clear to me in all my chasing the world,, all over the world, is that this is always true !!!

I have known Jesus and accepted him as the real deal most of my life,, but I am not a good witness for him- Many many times I have run from him so I could live the life I thought would be the best for me !!! Every time, without exception, I have had to run back for his protection, help and guidance because of my sinful ways and the decisions outside of his teachings !!! Every time !!!!

Now,, the times I followed his teaching and guidance in my life, although they may have been tough to swallow and not exactly what I thought I needed,, they have always turned out to be the absolute best case for me,,, No Exceptions ,, even when they were real tough, from the world view (my view),,, I always had an inner peace that transcended anything I could have on my own !!! Always !!!

So why, you are probably thinking,,, if this Peace is so good,, why did I keep running from him ??? Well the short answer would be because I was and still a little am, an ole world loving defiant sinner that thought I could do it on my own- Having said that, let me make one thing perfectly clear,,, if you accept Jesus and try to live both this world and his world ,,, you will fail at both !!! Maybe not at first,,, but I guarantee it is coming !!

When you accept/invite Jesus into your life he fills you with his Holy Spirit that dwells in you and directs and guides you to change- You are no longer a part of this world,, you are living for and in his spiritual world- If you keep trying to have it both ways,, he will, because he loves you,, discipline you like any good father will do with a wayward child !!! You cannot mock God forever without consequences !!!

My consequences came all in one year ,, this last year- When God decided I had gone to far for too long he withdrew his protection for a bit- I was diagnosed with Cancer in my leg, which lead to amputation below the knee- I fell and broke/crushed my hand and fingers- My work ended and I ended the year with divorce !!! HE did get my attention !!!

Now am I bitter at God ,,, how could I be??? I know/knew exactly what was/is happening and why- He was telling me to repent or else !!!

But through all this tough time ,,, Jesus has remained with me and comforted me with his inner peace so I could handle it – Is that fatherly love or what !!! I am definitely closer to him now then I have been in a long time ,, but I still have a ways to go !! Thank You Lord !!!

I hope you will learn from my experience and mistakes and think about finding Jesus if you have not already !!! If you ask him for guidance,,, I guarantee someone will appear in your life and help you find him – Guaranteed !!!

If you know Jesus and have accepted him already,,, I hope this will help show you the wrong way to follow him and abide by his guidance, love and direction in your life !!!