Gray Areas

Let’s start with a clarification,,,, Gray or Grey ??? I was never quite sure,,, well here it is,,, Gray is more common in the United States, and Grey is more common in the rest of the English-speaking world. Both are acceptable spelling except when used as proper nouns (someone’s name, for instance) or as in Greyhound, species of dog or Grayling, a species of fish- But as for color both are acceptable !!

Thinking back, as I grew up, I can never remember anyone in my family or school or people around me ever using Gray Area to describe a situation- Like my dad, teachers, neighbors and everyone around me, it was pretty black or white,,, i.e,,, Right or Wrong in their thinking- There was never a Gray Area in his judgment,,, it was either acceptable (Right) or Unacceptable (Wrong)- That was that !!! Now don’t get me wrong,,, there was wrong around, but the underlying principle was more that,,, it is wrong if you get caught- Never a question of whether it was wrong or not,,, no Gray Area,,, even with the wrong doer’s in their heart !!

Then I went to college in the late ’60s and early 70’s- This is where the Gray Area came into my world- We were the generation of Lawyers and Doctors and New Age Thinkers ???,,, questioning everything- Is there really a true right or true wrong,,,,, maybe that is a Gray Area (neither all right or all wrong),,, to be explored and taken into consideration ???

So by applying the Gray Area concept,,, nothing could be considered completely right or completely wrong as my parent’s generation viewed it ??!! We were finally free to question everything, and apply our own individual rules to our lives- What a concept !!!

We moved from a God-filled knowledge of Right and Wrong to a Godless filled belief of our own concept of what we felt was right and wrong- All we have to do is look around where we are today to realize the mistake of this Godless filled belief of right and wrong “The we are in complete control of our destiny”,,, the world is a complete and total mess, spiraling out of control and into complete chaos !!!

Who can Rescue us and return us back to the Peace and Well-being and Safety that every heart desires ???

Only the God who placed the knowledge and concept of Right and Wrong in all of our hearts from the beginning that we have run away from !!!

But here is the catch,,, There are no Gray Area’s in God’s word (The Bible) What he says, is exactly what he means and exactly what will happen- If he says “Do Not Steal” that is exactly what he means,, there is no ” do not steal from your friends or during the day or from good people” it is Do Not Steal !!! No outside qualifications and justifications apply !!!

So, for instance, when he says in John 14:6, Jesus told him ” I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one can come to the Father except through me.” That is exactly what he means,,, he does not say this is one way, or there are many ways and many truths,,, no he says “No One” can enter into the Father’s (Gods) Heaven accept by accepting, believing and asking forgiveness of your sins through the son,,, The Lord Jesus Christ !!!

So there is one thing I know for sure,,, we are all going to die at some point !! I also believe 100%, the instant after death, we are in eternity,,, there is no going back and no more choices can be made,,, your fate is sealed- You have to make your choice (Jesus or World) while you are here on earth,, no faith-filled Mother, Father, Grandma, Pastor or Rich Uncle can change that fate once you pass on !!!

If you chose Jesus,,, you will go to God’s Heaven he has prepared for his believers- If you chose the World (No Jesus) or don’t make a conscious decision for Jesus,,, you go to Hell !!

It is entirely your choice (while alive),,, and that is in Black and White and Red in God’s word (Bible) !!

I pray you chose Jesus,,,, TODAY !!!