What If

If everything we have is freely given from God,,, and I know it is… Why don’t we give everything we have to someone else to glorify him ,,,…… knowing that we will be replenished ,,,, 10 fold,,, from God the giver,,, if given in his name and to glorify him,,,

It is a truth proven through the ages ,,,, try it ,, ,, but you have to believe and have faith,,,, Faith is the tough part for me !!!


It seems there is a big push right now to get aboard the “Black Lives Matter” bandwagon – While I believe most of the people that are demonstrating for this are sincere in their beliefs,,, I can’t, in good faith, climb on board !!

I feel that it is as racist as the problems they are protesting against !!!

Now let me clarify what I am saying !! I would feel the same way about a “White Lives Matter ” protest,,, or a “Brown Lives Matter” protest !! Why,,, because they all insinuate that that particular skin color group is the most important group-

As long as we keep being color minded,,, we will never overcome the color problem !!!

What we have to strive for is,,, color blindness,,, just as God does !!! As it says in Acts 10:34-35 [34] “Then Peter replied, “I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism. [35] In every nation he accepts those who fear him and do what is right.”

God shows no favoritism and accepts those {All, Anyone,Everyone} who fear him and do what is right !!!

I believe that the protests should focus on “All Lives Matter” ,,, “Equally” !!!

Now if we can’t buy into this way of thinking and believing,,, then the problem is not the color of the skin,,, but the color of our heart !!!

Jesus will accept all into his house that will accept and believe in him … no color problems with him- He is inviting all of us to enjoy eternity with him !!!!

God Bless Your Day !!!