For years I have asked for help to Overcome my shortfalls- Overcome my worldly thoughts, greed, lusts, selfishness, I’ness, and unforgiving spirit- The list goes on and on,,, overcome, overcome, overcome,,,,,,, and then last night I received a gentle whisper from the Lord,,, “Larry, you need to just submit and I will do the overcoming” Now how simple and deep is that- Please give me the strength !!!!

Right Time

I waited for the right time, the right time, the right time to serve Jesus. In this world there will never be a right time to serve Jesus. I will waste my life waiting the right time. What a deception of Satan. Wait your life away for the right time ,,,, when the right time is always ,,,, NOW !!!


We have to be careful about ,,, Different ,,, How we deal with “Different” – If we look at “Different” from our worldly perspective ,, we probably think it is wrong because it is Different – We have to approach “Different” from God’s perspective to really know ,,,, After all ,,, Jesus was “Different” ,,, Think about it.


When the world is closing in,,, When you are not sure or confident in your next move,,, When you feel lacking about something,,, What can you do,,, Give !! Give of yourself to someone else,,, anything,,, this is like hitting the reset button. All will clear and renew !!!