Maybe Just One Ear Bud

I was walking yesterday afternoon,,, it was a really nice, warm sunny day- There was another guy walking toward me and waved as he went by- I said “Good Morning” and was about to ask how he was and I noted that he had in ear buds,,, So it would have done no good to talk further with him !!

Have you ever noticed how people with headphones or ear buds covering both ears are always looking all around- I know when I have them in I am constantly looking all around,,, Why,,, because I have lost touch with the world around me- I can’t hear anything coming up behind me,, can’t hear the wind in the trees,, can’t hear the birds or crickets singing,,, can’t hear the sounds coming from the ground I am walking on- I know that I am missing out on some of the pleasant and/or warning sounds around me- I certainly don’t talk much with people when I have them in,,, and people don’t want to talk with me when I have them in –

So what are we doing to ourselves and the people around us,,,,, We are isolating ourselves from interaction with our world- In my mind the more you isolate yourself,,, the more you withdraw from things,,, the more you withdraw, the more you start to deal with depression because you feel you can’t relate,,, then you start having all sorts of paranoid thoughts about the people and places around you ,,, because you won’t/can’t let yourself try and understand it- Man oh Man ,,, that does not sound good at all !!!!

Maybe Just One Ear Bud !!!!

Give Up or Give In

There are times in our lives that can become a defining moment.  These, often times, can require life changing decisions that we must make. I am in the early stages of what could become a life changing situation.

Without going into long details, that basically only apply’s to me, I will give you the short version. I have had a lump on my lower leg for a while and it is getting slowly bigger. After some initial tests, I have heard the “C” word,,, Cancer ,,, and the “A” word,,, Amputation in the same sentence. Nothing for sure yet but it is out there. I can tell you that those two words really tune you in and get your undivided attention. I will know more over the next week,, but that is not the subject of this post.

So what are you going to do in these situations,,,, Give Up ??? Of course not,,, you are going to fight tooth and nail to beat whatever it is. You will redirect your energies to overcome whatever the obstacles may be. You are not a quitter !!!

This is all good,,, but never quitting and never giving up is a tall order and usually carries a heavy burden on a person. You have to have some support to overcome,,, that is when you have to Give In. Giving In is not Giving Up,,, it is finding support to help you carry on carrying on. Support that is always there and always knows what you are going through. Support that gives you peace so you can continue forward. Peace that releaves the burden so you know you are on the right track.

My support is the Lord Jesus Christ. Believe in him and ask him to help and he will take your burdens on and give you peace that will transcend any thing you have ever known.

He is real and can be real in your life. Ask him in, accept him and believe. He will not let you down !!!!!! I believe that with all my heart and soul !!!!!