All the Directions

Have you ever been lost- I have, quite a few times and usually I get myself really lost before I ask for any directions- But one thing I have experienced about directions,,, they are always different to the same place- You ask someone for directions to somewhere and they seem confident in the way to go- You go for awhile and decide this is not right so you ask someone else,,, low and behold,, their directions are usually a lot different- Why is this,,, I think it is because everyone is giving you direction from a different point of reference in their experience,,, so how they get from A to C may be a lot different then how the other person gets there.

Now apply this principle to the journey of life to eternity- Yes this life is just the pre-game for eternity- All the directors of religions, cults, beliefs, non-beliefs, dis-beliefs and no beliefs are trying to give you directions to the final exit,, or I like to think of it as a door,, actually two doors.

One Door is the entrance to Paradise with Jesus Christ where you will have peace and love unlike anything we can imagine in this life- To get through this door you just have to believe, accept and ask forgiveness of Jesus Christ while in this life. He will come into your heart and life,,, and you will have no doubt that he exists- This is the easiest and the toughest thing to do in this life.

Door Two is the door to eternal torment away for God and Jesus- Behind this door is pain and torment unlike anything we can imagine in this life- How do you get through this door,,, simple,,, You just reject Jesus for whatever reason the directors of directions give you to follow.

I think I will choose Door One !!!!