A Favorite

One of my favorite saying that is becoming more and more true each passing day:

Know Jesus ,,,, Know Peace

No Jesus,,,, No Peace

If you already Know Jesus then you Know Peace in your life and no discussion is necessary!!!

If there is No Jesus in your life,,,, all you have to do is look around this Jesusless world and show me where there is any Permanent Peace???

Sad but True from my perspective !!!

After Tomorrow

There is an old saying that popped up to me a few days ago !!! It goes something like this- There are only two things that are for sure in this life,,,, Death and Taxes ,,, !! I think we would have to all agree that it is basically right on the money !!!

Everywhere that I have been in this life has some form of tax and we all know that no one gets out of this world physically alive !! So lets look at this death scenario !!

Let’s say that we learned, without a doubt, that we were going to die tomorrow ,,, just for instance !!! What would you do with the short time you have left ???

Most people don’t live next to all their family and friends so it would be hard to get to see all of them,,,, and besides,,, what could you do or change in less then on day ??? Not much I think !!!

What we should be worried about is where will we be After Tomorrow – You note that I did not say day after tomorrow as there will be no DAY After,,, once we pass through death’s door !!! Which I might add is a one way turnstile,, there is no coming back to change anything in this present life !!!

At the instant of death we pass into eternity,, an eternity of light or an eternity of darkness !!! What will it be ,,, wonderful light or terrible darkness ,,,, Well that will be determined by the choice we each make in this physical life now !!!

Now let’s look at what eternity is !!! All my learning and understanding says that eternity is a limitless, timeless place !!

We are all captive to time while living this life,,, everything is based around time,,, what time is it,,, what time shall we meet,,, tomorrow, next week, next year,, it is all time based,,, so how can we comprehend a place that is timeless,,, meaning time has no meaning ???

From the Bible we get one great clue,,, to God in eternity,,, a day is like a 1000 years and a 1000 years is like one day !!! How can we relate to that,,, I know I can’t really understand something that far from worldly reality ???

The bottom line here is ,,,,, the decision you make before your death’s door opens ,,, will determine your eternity !!!

If you choose Jesus and invite him into your heart,,, your eternity is sealed from that point forward,,, light,,, forgiveness,,, joy,,, and peace,,, now and in eternity in heaven!!

Reject Jesus or don’t make the decision ,,, your eternity will be darkness,,, separation from God and suffering !!!

If you are reading this,,, then there is still time to make the right choice ,,,, Jesus !!!

We never know when that door may open !!! I would suggest doing it now !!!

I will see you in Heaven !!!

God Bless Your Day !!!

Dad’s Message

Good Day !! A buddy of mine sent me this text from his dad yesterday !!!

“Dads message today
The whole world gone nuts the lord will win do you know him”

Pretty short and to the point !!! No argument on the “world gone nuts” ,, pretty plain to see and experience !!

Now the “God will win part” ,,, well,, in my mind ,,, that is not a question of “if” but “when” !!!

Now the final thought ,,,, which side will you be on ,,, winning or losing ??? That is totally your call,,, your choice!! No one else can make that call for you !!!

If you believe/chose God/Jesus ,,, you will be accepted and on the winning side !!!

Any other decision or no decision will put you on the losing side !! You don’t want to be on that side !!!

God doesn’t send anyone to Heaven or Hell,,, that is completely our own personal choice in this life !!

Where you end up for eternity is completely in your hands ,,, blame falls on no one else !!!

Choose winning with God/Jesus ,,, I look forward to meeting you in Heaven !!!

God bless and have a Great Day !!!