When to Pray

ALWAYS – How often do you check the time, how often do you look at the weather, how often do you think of a loved one, how often do you look in the mirror ??? All of these should be secondary to talking with God.

It is so easy,,,, why ??? Because when you accept and know Jesus,,, He is always with you,,, always – As it says in James 4:8 Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Believe me,, when you draw close to him, you will feel him close to you. Man,, What a Feeling !!

Problem is, I will let sin in my life block that link sometimes. When the link is blocked, the feeling is gone. To restore the link, I have to humble down and ask forgiveness of Jesus from my heart. If I do that,,, he will forgive and let the goodness flow.

Seems simple enough but so hard to swallow my Pride and admit/confess I was wrong. If Pride is in the way, it won’t be heartfelt, so it won’t work !!

Truth or Consequences

I remember when I was growing up, years ago, there was a TV show called “Truth or Consequences” The theme was that if a contestant couldn’t answer a question with the truth,,, there would be consequences. I also have a friend that grew up in Truth or Consequences New Mexico. Does that sound like a western town??

Anyhow my experience in life has been that, if you don’t tell or live by the truth,,, there will always be consequences down the road,, pretty much for sure.  It is true in this life and will be true in eternity. John 14:6 says (KJV) : “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”.

If we choose to live by, believe and accept the truth of Jesus in this present life, we will be with him in eternity,,, if not,,, there will be the consequences of eternity separated from him,,,,,, Hell. The truth is always the best way !!!

Stay Together,,, Be Together

Just an observation here taken from personal experience and living decades with Expats away from home.

We leave our homes and families to take jobs far away to make money (chasing money) hoping/wanting to give our families a better life. This seems like a noble cause for sure. After all that is what we are suppose to do,,, provide for our families to make life better for them. Well be aware that there are a lot of pit falls and temptations with this life style that, a lot of times, ends up just the opposite of what we originally planned.

There is an old saying “Time heals All” well I would like to add that “Time Deadens All” Long absences from your family will eventually have a detrimental  effect, especially if you are going to a Target Rich Environment. (Lots of Temptation Surrounding You) What started as a noble cause to save or improve the family,,, lots of times results in a loss of family.

What can you do if you have to proceed down this path apart ??? Well I think the first thing is to pray about it, and wait for the answer,,, not the answer you may may want,,, but the answer. Of course you have to believe for that to work. The next thing is to stay in contact,,, communicate with your loved ones. I have noted that there is always a slowing of the communication process if you are getting sucked into some temptation.

But the best way to help avoid this trap,,, is to stay together !!! Take your family with you if you have to go,,, it may not be the easiest way,,, but it is, for sure, the best way. This is why I now firmly believe that if you want to “Stay Together” you have to “Be Together” !!