Update – January 2020

Hello 2020 –

A lot of water has past under the bridge since I wrote this in Oct of 2015 – You see this blog started because of conviction from the Lord ,,, or quite simply a “guilty conscience” As I stated in the beginning “This Blog is my attempt to remedy that with the Lord”

Well ,,, how naive and foolish can I be – I was trying to appease the Lord while still living my worldly lifestyle – Yah Right !!! If you are a believer, you can only mock God for so long until he allows the consequences to catch up –

That hit me the end of 2018 pretty much through 2019 – During that time, I developed a lump on my right lower leg that turned out cancerous,,, I had a below the knee amputation of my right leg in Nov of 2018 ,,, fell off my knee scooter pulling a big sink with me breaking and cruising my right hand and fingers March 2019 ,,, had to retire from my job Dec 2018 and ended with a divorce summer 2019 –

2020 I hope will be a bit better – But here is the point,,, major point !!! I knew from the start exactly what was happening and was never mad at God (mad at myself and, believe me, I spent a lot nights and days trying to remedy things) ,,, after all it was my pride and arrogance that brought it on !!!

Jesus Christ, because he loves me, was just getting my attention and showing me how quickly worldly things can drastically change- He has been with me through it all with a peace that I can’t explain – I see his hand working in my life almost every day – I have to give him all the credit,,, I couldn’t have pulled through all this without him and my daughter carrying me –

So from this I have learned two very important things that we all need to realize !!!

1- If you have accepted Christ as your Savior,,, then he is your father, and like a loving father,, he may let you stray a bit but if you get too far out into the danger zone ,,, he will discipline you to bring you home !!!

2- As it states in Proverbs ,,, Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge!!

So here I am in 2020 !!

Hello, (Original Post)

I am Larry in my 60 something years. You might wonder… why after all these years, would you start a blog. The short answer… I read a book, a book that shook me to the very core of my beliefs, my outlook and my ideas of humanity. This book opened my eyes like no other, except for the Bible. Jesus, I truly believe, lead me to this point.

You see, I found Jesus in a small rural town over 50 years ago, and have depended and called on him for help and guidance many times throughout my life, (usually during Foul Weather in my Life) never doubting that he would be there for me. Now if you were to ask most of my childhood or adult friends… What do you think of Larry? Hopefully they would say I was a pretty good guy, but very few would say I was a Jesus believer or follower. I was very good at hiding my faith and belief in Jesus. Why… because I wanted Jesus and the world on my own terms. I was a fence setter, neither hot nor cold. I was an Undercover Christian a Christian in hiding. I thought I knew what I was… but was pretty careful about letting anyone else know.

This Blog is my attempt to remedy that with the Lord. I pray that with God’s blessing, my stories and observations from my life will be of some guidance for others to learn from my experiences and failures. This is in no way a glorification of me, as there is no glory in me, only the glorification of the Lord for what he has given to me.

The book, Killing Christians; Living the Faith Where It’s Not Safe to Believe by Tom Doyle. I highly recommend everyone read this book. I was blown away by this book. It brings to light the real evil, in real time, more terrifying and disgusting then any Hollywood movie that is present and practicing in the world today. Everyone needs to read this book and open your eyes.

I will be adding posts as I get into this. Your comments and prayers are certainly welcome and appreciated.


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