Lone Wolf

I always wanted to think of myself as a Lone Wolf !!! I was big and strong and in excellent health !!! God had provided everything I thought I needed and blessed me all my life !!! What could I need ??? I was on top of the world !!! Hallelujah !!!

Then all of a sudden, because of my arrogance, pride and life choices,,, it all went South … The arrogance, the pride, the strength, the confidence….,,, All in a little over a year – I was hit with Cancer in my leg which required a below knee amputation,,, had to resign my job,,, hit with divorice and throw in the Pendemic as a finishing touch !!! All of a sudden,,, I really was ,,,, A Lone Wolf,,, with not as much emphisis on the Wolf part anymore ???

Being a Lone Wolf is a great life when you have all the support mechanisiams around you ,,,,, i.e ,,,, the support of the pack !!! Family, friends, good job, good health and great outlook- It is easy to think and believe you are in charge !!!

I definitely had a “Careful what you wish for” moment !!!

Well, as you can imagine, it quickly became painfully apparent that I was not in charge of much of anything in my life, other then maybe the moment I was living at just that moment !!!

So what do you do,,, Well after a lot of soul searching, quite a few sleepless nights, a complete rehash of everything I had done in my life,,, you know,,, the good, the bad and the ugly ,,, I finially turned back to the one that had always been there, was always there and is here now,, the Lord Jesus Christ !!!

I confessed and asked for forgivness of all my shortcoming and sins that I had been chasing in this world, the deceptions I had bought into and the arrogance and pride that I had embraced to glorify myself over him- You know,,, the big, bad, strong, arrogant lone wolf that could do it all on his own- What a sorry dream world I was living-

The truth be known,,, I was never a lone wolf,, the Lord had supplied me with everything I needed to succeed, had brought people into my life to help me succeed and had always been there to pick up the pieces when I failed- I had lived in worldly deception for a lot of years !!!

The Good News is that the Lord forgave me of my many sins and shortcoming and gave me a peace that is beyond anything I can describe to help me through the consequences of my worldly path I had chosen !!!

I am a long way from perfect and I still make mistakes and slip back into the world occasionaly,,, but if I confess my wrongs and truely try and repent of them,,, The Lord is always there to help me,,, no matter what it is !!! He is changing my mind and desires to his point of view and showing me the pitfalls of my worldly outlook- The thing about Jesus is that if he guides you to something,,, whether you think it is what you want/need or not, but follow him,,, it is always beneficial and good for you ,,, ALWAYS !!!

The real Good News is that I am saved and will spend eternity with the Lord Jesus >>>> And that “My Friends” is the very most important thing you can/need to do in this life !!!!!

Know Jesus

Know Peace

No Jesus

No Peace

Have a GREAT DAY and God Bless your path !!!!