Angry, Mad, Upset

The other day I was having a “bad day”- I was getting mad and angry and upset with my situation- The “Demon No See-Ums” was hitting me big time- Searching my weaknesses and firing me up- It was working because I was letting them get too me- I needed someone to blame,,, Who could it be,, myself,, some friend,,, my parents,,, God – God ??? there you go Larry,, God !!!!- He is suppose to be in charge of everything and I know he is ,, so what happened with me,, cancer, amputated leg, broken fingers, separation from my wife, end of job ,,, and all of a sudden being alone- What Happened God ????

Then a bible verse came to me,, A Heavenly breath that put the Demon No See-Ums to ground,,, Colossians 3:15, Because let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful. “Peace of God rule in your hearts”- All of a sudden there was, No angry, No Mad, No Upset because he has given me a fulfilling peace through all of this and has always been with me !!!

So why did he allow this to happen to me ??? To Humble Me !!! In almost the flash and an eye I was stripped of almost everything that the world sees as strength,, The Pride,, The Arrogance,, The Self Centeredness,, The Judgemental Atitude,, The “Maybe I am a bit better then them” and most importantly,, The,, I can do everything myself and don’t need anyone !!!

The hardest and best thing during all of this is/was the lonesomeness and loneliness- Being alone and lonely,gave me time and opportunity to get back to Jesus- With all my high marks in the world of “The World” I had drifted far away from him- I wasn’t using what he had given me to glorify him,, simple put,, like any loving father will do,, it was time to get my attention before it was too late – I will forever be thankful for that !!!

So now I understand,, in everything be thankful !!!

If my situation with an amputated leg or anything else allows a split second in someone’s life to open their heart’s door just a crack, so I can get my footless leg’s foot into someones heart’s door for the Holy Spirit to work his magic,,, and they accept Jesus,, all that has happened to me is nothing compared to their eternity in heaven-

There is nothing about all this that is me,, I am just the messenger, but if I can serve the Lord in my humble state to let the Lord work in people,,, that is what I was put here for- I certainly didn’t do it in my Powerful Worldly Pride filled state –

God Bless You in All you do !!!