State of the Union

Things are pretty messed up right now in the US and World – Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right,,,, Truth is lies and Lies is Truth !! Just because it is Scientifically proven to be fact ,,, we don’t have to accept that fact,, all to our own downfall !!!

Anyhow there are a few good Truth teaching people out there and Hal Lindsey Ministries is one of them !! If you want to know anything about the end times of this earth,,, which I believe we are in right this minute,,, he is one of the experts on Biblical Prophecy- Below is an article just out from him- It hits the nail right on the head !! If you are a believer in Jesus Christ,,, you will understand ,,, if not you may think it is a bunch of Whoey !!! No Matter ,,,, Truth is Truth,,, no matter what society teaches or preaches !!!!

Following By Hal Lindsey

Rewarding idleness and irresponsibility… celebrating sin… praising lawlessness… tying the hands of law enforcement… encouraging illiteracy… giving control of all to an arrogant few… teaching children to trust feelings over facts, then teaching them how and what to feel…. These things are happening now, but they have also happened before — repeatedly. Humanity seems intent on repeating history even when its lessons seem obvious.

Many years ago, the cable television channel called TV Land ran a particularly memorable ad for Leave It to Beaver. The announcer asked, “Why doesn’t the Beaver ever learn his lesson? He is often taught his lesson. He promises to remember his lesson. But the next day, he’s forgotten his lesson. Is he deliberately ignoring his lesson? Not exactly.”

Then they showed the “inside” of Beaver’s head — a small brain surrounded by a great deal of empty space. We see the word “Lesson” enter his head through his left ear. The narrator tells us what’s happening. “New evidence suggests that Beaver’s lesson enters one ear, floats around his head for a few seconds, but avoids having any contact with his brain, before exiting out the other side of his skull.”

The lesson goes in one ear and out the other — and that, friends, is the human condition.

In The Late Great Planet Earth, I posed the question, “Do we really live and learn?” The answer is that, like young Beaver Cleaver, the lessons just seem to bounce around our empty heads, then come out the other side without contacting our brains. We remember technological lessons, but collectively, humans tend to forget moral truths.

Right now, society seems to be in a particularly empty-headed phase. As the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s, people joked that the only real communists left in the world were tenured at American universities. We should have taken that joke more seriously.

Today, people make fun of the phrase, “Godless communism.” They forget that most communist nations are officially atheistic. The result is just what you would expect. The state becomes a god. Individuals fall beneath its crushing wheels. 

They teach the young that rules aren’t worth following. They defund police and encourage contempt for law and order. This leads inevitably to chaos and terror. In their fear of anarchy, people soon call for more police with fewer restrictions, and for increasingly coercive laws. Ironically, the fastest route to a police state is to dismantle law enforcement.

Remember the pattern of Romans 1:18-32. “The wrath of God is revealed against all…who suppress the truth in unrighteousness…. Even though they knew God, they did not honor Him…. Professing to be wise, they became fools…. Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity…. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie…. God gave them over to degrading passions…. Just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind.”

As a society, we are already well down this road. But this is not the time for despair. Those who still love God and respect His word are not helpless. His promises remain true. He still cares. We walk in His power. Hopefully, His people are learning the lesson. We must do things His way and in His power.

God Bless Your Day !!!!

Guilt and Regret

Guilt,,,, we have all experienced it or are experiencing it right now in our lives- We call it a Guilty Conscience- It’s a kind of safety valve that goes off in our head when we are doing or have done something that we know is wrong !!!

From experience, I can tell you that you can go on living a long time with a guilty conscience pounding in your head and still continue down that wrong path,,, the reason for your guilt !!!

You can and probably will continue on that sinful path because,,, hey,,, we can all deal with a little hidden guilt,,, right ???

Right up until the consequences of our sin begin to materialize,,, that brings Regret ,,, which forces us to deal with our sin, as these consequences can’t be hidden away and concealed any longer !!!

I’m here to tell you that if you have a guilty conscience from sin,,, it is only a matter of time until consequences and regret starts consuming your life- It may be sooner or it may be later,,, but if you continue, it is coming !!! No ifs,,, No ands,,, No buts !!!

Now here is some good news !!! If you are a believer and have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into you life and have just moved into darkness of the world for a bit,,,, you can call on him for help, repent of your sin and he will be there with you !!! He will, usually, not take away the consequences of your sin,,, but he will be with you and comfort you through them !!!

It is the same for a non-believer in Jesus when the consequences hit,,, if you call on him and believe in him and ask forgiveness,, he will come into your life and save you and comfort you through the consequences!!!

If you chose not to call on him and take it on yourself,,, I will be praying for you, as consequences can be devastatingly harsh !!!

Have a Great Day and may God Bless You !!!

New Day

Starting a New Day !!!

With it will come new Challenges !!!

With it will come new Blessings !!!

With it will come new Miracles !!!

With it we will witness God’s hand at work all around us !!!

Look with your eyes and heart together and you will see !!

As you see you will be filled with Awesome Wonder !!!

Now you will have a Great New Day !!!

So ,,,,, One Minute

So you say you don’t believe in Jesus or any such higher power that’s guiding everything and loves ,,,, YOU !!!!

But on the other hand ,,,,, you feel deep down in your heart that there is no peace and something is really missing in your life !!!

So I am going to challenge you for just “one minute”,,,, that’s one minute out of 1440 minutes in a single day,,, that’s 1/1440th of a day ,,, Giving just one minute, may just show you something amazing and ,,, just maybe ,,, fill you with what your heart is longing for !!!

You ready to give yourself,,, just one minute ??? What do you have to lose ,,, other then one minute out of your day ???

Okay,,, I want you to clear your mind and heart and sit quietly and pray this simple prayer ,,, don’t turn away for just one minute !!!

Dear Jesus,,, please come into my heart and show me your peace and let me know you are really out there !!!

There you go,,,, if you genuinely want to change your life,,, you will have an amazing response from him !!!

To you believers that already know this,,, try this on an unbelieving friend or family member ???

Is giving “one minute” worth it ???? Yes it is !!! Jesus can do miracles in a lot less then a minute !!!

God Bless Your Day !!!!

I am praying for each and every minute !!!