Who Am I

So,,, exactly,,, who am I ???

Well first the basic truth !! I am a created being ,,, created by God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son !! I was created to live an abundant life of joy, peace and happiness while loving and being loved by him !!!

And guess what ??? This basic truth applies to each and every one of us, no exceptions and no matter whether we choose to believe it or not !!!

So here comes what can be a stubbing block for us ,,,, We belong to him, as our father and creator,,, completely,,, just as my grandpa used to say ,,, “lock, stock and barrel” !!

Sound harsh and unfair ??? Well,,, here is the love part ,,, Choice … He didn’t make us as robots that caters to his every request or desire,,, he instilled in us the element of Choice !!! We can chose either to accept him through his son Jesus Christ or chose to reject him !! That choice is all ours and rests completely with us as we live our earthly life !!!

So here is the catch ,,, that choice has to be made while we are living in this life ,,, once we pass-on (die) the choice is gone !!

Every other earthly choice we make in this life will be gone with us,,, except for this one !!

We do not just cease to exist at the end of this life ,,, our soul/spirit will continue for eternity ,,, somewhere ???

Where is ,,, somewhere ??? It depends on your choice and nothing else ,,, your choice !!! There are only two options/destinations,,,, Heaven or Hell !!!

If you choose to accept Jesus Christ into your life and ask forgiveness of your sin ,, you will be saved !!

At that instant he will fill you with his Holy Spirit, which brings love, peace, and joy into your life ,,, no matter what your situation may be !!! He will bless you as you live forward and you will spend eternity in Heaven with him !!!

Romans 10:9 ESV
[9] because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

If you refuse to choose him or do not make a choice to accept him, in this present life ,,, you will spend eternity in separation from him in darkness and turmoil (Hell)!!! Not a good choice !!!

Closing note !! I have had people ask me how I could believe in a God that could send people to hell for eternity??? My answer ,,, God doesn’t send any of us to hell ,,, we send ourselves because of the choice we made or refused to make !!!

Make your choice today ,,, knowing the consequences of that choice !!! None of us knows what tomorrow may bring !!!

God Bless and have a Great Day !!!

Running Dark

Good Morning !!

Have you ever been in a place or room where there was no light,,, I mean pitch black,,, where you can’t even see your hand, right in front of your face- It can be a pretty scary experience !! Well, here is my experience from the past with Pitch Black places !!

When I was in the Army basic training, decades ago, we had to have night training- I remember this one night the Drill Sargent herded us all into a big auditorium-Probably a couple of hundred trainees-One of the Sargent’s got up in front of us and said the lights were going out and just to set and remain quite !!!

Well a few seconds later all the lights went out, and it was completely dark, I mean pitch black, you couldn’t see a thing,,, for a bit- As we were sitting there in the dark he said to stay calm and start moving your eyes around,,, left,,, right,,, up ,,, down and low and behold you could start to see things in the dark-Little figurines they had placed high on the walls backlit with red dim light behind them !!! The more we looked around the more came to light,,, so to speak-Our eyes were adjusting to the dark,,, pretty amazing experience, I have to say the reason for the red lighting is that they told us that red light will not destroy our, “midnight purple”(eyes adjusting to taking in more light to see) they called it – That is why you see all the night lights in military units is backed in red lighting !!

Anyhow, the point of this story is that ,,,, to me,,, that is exactly what is happening to our soul/spirit inside us- We are all created with a soul/spirit that is separate from the mental or physical part of us !! We keep it locked away in a dark room inside, but we always have a feeling that we have to let it be free to truly be complete !! The question for all of us, even though we may not be aware of is, what is calling us to change !!

We can and do, try a lot of worldly things to release us from this urging,,, we try to Yoga it out,, Meditate it out,, work it out,, exercise it out, buy it out or Wish it out,, or Drug it out,, but nothing seems to work in the long term after the initial rush of deceptive change (Happiness, Joy, Mind Rush or Adrenaline charge, which is always short-lived) ,,,, we always return to the same place,,, Something is just not right inside !!!

Long and short of this deal,,,, You have to obtain the one and only key that will unlock the door inside to free your spirit/soul –

That key is Jesus Christ !!!

As soon as you find, believe, and accept him into your life the door to that dark room is opened,(His light shines in and that darkness is destroyed by his light) your spirit will soar into Heaven to join with God’s Holy Spirit – At that instance,,, you become completely free of the limits, limitations, and boundaries of this worldly existence !!! You will fly, like an Eagle, above this physical world and nothing here will ever be the same !!!

There may still be Evil and Darkness and Bad around you, but they will never, again, be able to imprison or destroy your spirit – You are protected by his light and darkness cannot penetrate this light ,,,, EVER !!!

You are now destined for eternity with God the Father and Jesus the Son !!! Nothing can ever change that,,,,,,, Nothing !!!

Enjoy your new freedom and amazing peace in your life !!!!

God Bless and have a GREAT Day !!!


Anger, I believe, is the most destructive of all our emotions !!!

Looking back over my life,, I cannot think of a single time, when I got angry and acted on that anger, that I did not have real regret after I came to my senses !!

Came to my senses,,, that is exactly what uncontrolled anger causes,,, a loss of your basic common senses !!

You lose control of you tongue, your common sense, your physical restraint and your general well being !!! You blurt out vicious words that you usually don’t mean or end up regretting, you react before thinking about the consequences and you take your mind out of the game and let rage rule – Bad Bad combination !!!

So how do you fight it when you feel anger building inside,,, before it gets to the blow-up rage stage ???

Well there is an age old saying that apply’s and works as well today as when my Grandma told me long ago !!!


Do this and get your Brain back in the game and muzzle your tongue

You will be amazed at how well it works

God Bless and Wish for Peace in the World !!!

Bigger Then Us

Good Morning !!

In my experience,, we all seek for something to hold on to or associate with that seems Bigger Than Us,,, alone !!!

It might be a work organization or position, a club, a gang, a family or any organized group,,, but we all seem to seek something to bring satisfaction, accomplishment or joy into our ,,, less than perfect lives !!!

The problem is that most always, these groups come up lacking as we get into them- They are never what they seem to be or what we thought they were from the outside,,, once we get inside !!! Why is that ??

Well, they all have one common hidden flaw ,,, they are all organized and managed by ,,, humans !!!

Humans with all our hidden traits,,,, love, hate, forgiveness, lack of forgiveness, war and peace, arrogance, pride, selfishness, anger, hypocrisy and discontent all wrapped up to appear, from the outside, like the other people we think we want to associate with !!!

Problem is,, we are all unique and there is not one person on this earth that is exactly like you,, inside or out !!!

So we join organizations, thinking they are just what we need to be “Bigger Than Us” and hopefully fulfill what we feel we are lacking in our lives !!! What do we find ??? We find, as we get inside, that they are not exactly what they are cracked up to be on the outside !! Human organized and Human operated !!!

Long and Short ,,,, there is only one “association ” that we can join freely, that is truly “Bigger Than Us” that knows each one of us intimately, down to the smallest cell, deepest feeling and hidden hope- An association that is not human run or managed,,, that association is run and operated by Jesus Christ !!!

So if you want to truly be part of something that is “Bigger Than Yourself” to fulfill and redirect your mind and spirit to true happiness and joy and contentment and peace,,, Join Jesus Christ !!!

God Bless Everyone and Pray for Peace in this world !!!