Running Dark

Good Morning !!

Have you ever been in a place or room where there was no light,,, I mean pitch black,,, where you can’t even see your hand, right in front of your face- It can be a pretty scary experience !! Well, here is my experience from the past with Pitch Black places !!

When I was in the Army basic training, decades ago, we had to have night training- I remember this one night the Drill Sargent herded us all into a big auditorium-Probably a couple of hundred trainees-One of the Sargent’s got up in front of us and said the lights were going out and just to set and remain quite !!!

Well a few seconds later all the lights went out, and it was completely dark, I mean pitch black, you couldn’t see a thing,,, for a bit- As we were sitting there in the dark he said to stay calm and start moving your eyes around,,, left,,, right,,, up ,,, down and low and behold you could start to see things in the dark-Little figurines they had placed high on the walls backlit with red dim light behind them !!! The more we looked around the more came to light,,, so to speak-Our eyes were adjusting to the dark,,, pretty amazing experience, I have to say the reason for the red lighting is that they told us that red light will not destroy our, “midnight purple”(eyes adjusting to taking in more light to see) they called it – That is why you see all the night lights in military units is backed in red lighting !!

Anyhow, the point of this story is that ,,,, to me,,, that is exactly what is happening to our soul/spirit inside us- We are all created with a soul/spirit that is separate from the mental or physical part of us !! We keep it locked away in a dark room inside, but we always have a feeling that we have to let it be free to truly be complete !! The question for all of us, even though we may not be aware of is, what is calling us to change !!

We can and do, try a lot of worldly things to release us from this urging,,, we try to Yoga it out,, Meditate it out,, work it out,, exercise it out, buy it out or Wish it out,, or Drug it out,, but nothing seems to work in the long term after the initial rush of deceptive change (Happiness, Joy, Mind Rush or Adrenaline charge, which is always short-lived) ,,,, we always return to the same place,,, Something is just not right inside !!!

Long and short of this deal,,,, You have to obtain the one and only key that will unlock the door inside to free your spirit/soul –

That key is Jesus Christ !!!

As soon as you find, believe, and accept him into your life the door to that dark room is opened,(His light shines in and that darkness is destroyed by his light) your spirit will soar into Heaven to join with God’s Holy Spirit – At that instance,,, you become completely free of the limits, limitations, and boundaries of this worldly existence !!! You will fly, like an Eagle, above this physical world and nothing here will ever be the same !!!

There may still be Evil and Darkness and Bad around you, but they will never, again, be able to imprison or destroy your spirit – You are protected by his light and darkness cannot penetrate this light ,,,, EVER !!!

You are now destined for eternity with God the Father and Jesus the Son !!! Nothing can ever change that,,,,,,, Nothing !!!

Enjoy your new freedom and amazing peace in your life !!!!

God Bless and have a GREAT Day !!!