3 Days

Have you ever thought about how amazing and efficient our minds are !!! We still do not understand most of the workings of our brain’s !!! God definitely put his wisdom and knowledge on display when he gave us our brain !!!

Take for instance how our brain deals with time and memory !!!

It seems to me that our brain deals with past, present and future as 3 days ,,, yesterday, today and tomorrow !!!

For instance ,,, I can remember when I was about 2 years old throwing my first rock,,, through my mother’s favorite window !!! I can remember my 16th birthday and 25th birthday,,, getting rolled on by a horse on my 40th birthday,,, first day in the army,,, first day of college and my 60th and 70th birthday !!! These were all years and decades ago,,, but they seem like yesterday !!!

Now I am living in today,,, but only in the current moment,, after this moment is gone I can do nothing to change it and the next moment is in the future,,, which I can not do much about either !!!

So what should we gain from these 3 short days ??? The moment past is yesterday and moment future is tomorrow,, so I would say,,, we need to live to the fullest in this moment present, so tomorrow we have a wonderful memory from yesterday !!!

God Bless and Have a Beautiful Day for Tomorrow !!!

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