Thought Provoking Wisdom

I ran across a good quote the other day that is worth sharing !!!

I saw it on a newsletter from the Denison Forum(Great site for Biblical Incites)

“If you are the only person in a dark room with a flashlight,,,, who is responsible for the light ” ???

As followers and believers in the Lord Jesus Christ,,, we have been filled with his light !!! We have the flashlight in this dark world !!!

I have owned and used a lot of flashlights in my 70 plus years ,,, but you know what ??? Not a one of them was ever any good to me until I turned it on !!!

if you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ,,, you are filled with his light !!! Turn on your eternal flashlight by living and spreading the Good News of him !!!

If you are not a follower yet,,, I suggest you seek Jesus, learn of him, ask him into your heart and life and you will be issued your very own eternal flashlight !!!

Roman 10:9 states ,,, ” If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,,, you will be saved “

It is a dark world out there and time is short !!! This world needs all of his light we can offer in these dark times !!!

God Bless You Everyone,,,, Ohhh and don’t worry about batteries for your eternal flashlight ,,,, a complete recharge is just a prayer away !!!!

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