So ,,,,, One Minute

So you say you don’t believe in Jesus or any such higher power that’s guiding everything and loves ,,,, YOU !!!!

But on the other hand ,,,,, you feel deep down in your heart that there is no peace and something is really missing in your life !!!

So I am going to challenge you for just “one minute”,,,, that’s one minute out of 1440 minutes in a single day,,, that’s 1/1440th of a day ,,, Giving just one minute, may just show you something amazing and ,,, just maybe ,,, fill you with what your heart is longing for !!!

You ready to give yourself,,, just one minute ??? What do you have to lose ,,, other then one minute out of your day ???

Okay,,, I want you to clear your mind and heart and sit quietly and pray this simple prayer ,,, don’t turn away for just one minute !!!

Dear Jesus,,, please come into my heart and show me your peace and let me know you are really out there !!!

There you go,,,, if you genuinely want to change your life,,, you will have an amazing response from him !!!

To you believers that already know this,,, try this on an unbelieving friend or family member ???

Is giving “one minute” worth it ???? Yes it is !!! Jesus can do miracles in a lot less then a minute !!!

God Bless Your Day !!!!

I am praying for each and every minute !!!

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