Won’t it be Nice Part 2

I was thinking about my post last night and realized that maybe I need to clarify the Ticket to Heaven statement !!!

When you give your heart to Jesus and invite him into you life,,, he grants you a free ticket to heaven ,,,, bought and paid for by him at the Cross of Calvary !!!

It is a completely free ticket,,,, but you have to accept it !!!

So how do you accept it,,,,

1st – You have to believe that he has the power and ability to offer the ticket !!! (Belief)

2nd – You have to ask him for the ticket from you heart !!! (Acceptance)

3rd – You have to admit that you have sinned and ask his forgiveness !!! (Admit you are a sinner and ask for his Forgiveness and to fill you and guide you with the I dwelling of his Holy Spirit !!!

4th – That’s it !!! You now have a free ticket on the lightning rocket to heaven at the end of your days here or when the Rapture occurs,, whichever come first !!!

Ohhhh ,,, did I mention it is free !!! We all like free stuff,,,, right !!!

God Bless Your Day !!!!

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