Dad’s Message

Good Day !! A buddy of mine sent me this text from his dad yesterday !!!

“Dads message today
The whole world gone nuts the lord will win do you know him”

Pretty short and to the point !!! No argument on the “world gone nuts” ,, pretty plain to see and experience !!

Now the “God will win part” ,,, well,, in my mind ,,, that is not a question of “if” but “when” !!!

Now the final thought ,,,, which side will you be on ,,, winning or losing ??? That is totally your call,,, your choice!! No one else can make that call for you !!!

If you believe/chose God/Jesus ,,, you will be accepted and on the winning side !!!

Any other decision or no decision will put you on the losing side !! You don’t want to be on that side !!!

God doesn’t send anyone to Heaven or Hell,,, that is completely our own personal choice in this life !!

Where you end up for eternity is completely in your hands ,,, blame falls on no one else !!!

Choose winning with God/Jesus ,,, I look forward to meeting you in Heaven !!!

God bless and have a Great Day !!!

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