Getting Younger

Getting Younger,,,, what a trip !!! I have been working on it for about 73 years now- Has been a pretty good run !!!

One of the issues with getting younger is that it happens so slow,,,,, you don’t notice some of the changes you are experiencing !!! For instance ,,, sometimes my mind still tells me I can do something that I did years ago ,,, but the younger body has some issues with that !!! Anyhow you have to keep doing some work-arounds to make it happen !!!

One issue I have noticed lately is the memory (short term thing) – As you get younger you start to forget some things,,, not a big deal but can be challenging ???

But here is the deal right now ,,,, I am starting to forget some of the things I forgot ????

What a trip !!!!

God Bless and have a Great Day !!!

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