Bigger Then Us

Good Morning !!

In my experience,, we all seek for something to hold on to or associate with that seems Bigger Than Us,,, alone !!!

It might be a work organization or position, a club, a gang, a family or any organized group,,, but we all seem to seek something to bring satisfaction, accomplishment or joy into our ,,, less than perfect lives !!!

The problem is that most always, these groups come up lacking as we get into them- They are never what they seem to be or what we thought they were from the outside,,, once we get inside !!! Why is that ??

Well, they all have one common hidden flaw ,,, they are all organized and managed by ,,, humans !!!

Humans with all our hidden traits,,,, love, hate, forgiveness, lack of forgiveness, war and peace, arrogance, pride, selfishness, anger, hypocrisy and discontent all wrapped up to appear, from the outside, like the other people we think we want to associate with !!!

Problem is,, we are all unique and there is not one person on this earth that is exactly like you,, inside or out !!!

So we join organizations, thinking they are just what we need to be “Bigger Than Us” and hopefully fulfill what we feel we are lacking in our lives !!! What do we find ??? We find, as we get inside, that they are not exactly what they are cracked up to be on the outside !! Human organized and Human operated !!!

Long and Short ,,,, there is only one “association ” that we can join freely, that is truly “Bigger Than Us” that knows each one of us intimately, down to the smallest cell, deepest feeling and hidden hope- An association that is not human run or managed,,, that association is run and operated by Jesus Christ !!!

So if you want to truly be part of something that is “Bigger Than Yourself” to fulfill and redirect your mind and spirit to true happiness and joy and contentment and peace,,, Join Jesus Christ !!!

God Bless Everyone and Pray for Peace in this world !!!

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