Anger, I believe, is the most destructive of all our emotions !!!

Looking back over my life,, I cannot think of a single time, when I got angry and acted on that anger, that I did not have real regret after I came to my senses !!

Came to my senses,,, that is exactly what uncontrolled anger causes,,, a loss of your basic common senses !!

You lose control of you tongue, your common sense, your physical restraint and your general well being !!! You blurt out vicious words that you usually don’t mean or end up regretting, you react before thinking about the consequences and you take your mind out of the game and let rage rule – Bad Bad combination !!!

So how do you fight it when you feel anger building inside,,, before it gets to the blow-up rage stage ???

Well there is an age old saying that apply’s and works as well today as when my Grandma told me long ago !!!


Do this and get your Brain back in the game and muzzle your tongue

You will be amazed at how well it works

God Bless and Wish for Peace in the World !!!

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