How can I relate

How can we relate to someone that has had traumas completely outside our experiences ???

Long and Short,,, It is almost impossible in my mind !!! Now we can have compassion and true sadness for that person, but we don’t really know/feel his/her pain !!!

For instance, I had a man that came up to my car numerous times that had lost both legs at the knees,, I always put money in his cup,, because I felt sorry for him,,,, but I truly did not feel his pain (I still had two legs ) He wore two firemen’s boots,,, backward,, so he didn’t fall over backward when he walked !! It was pretty navel to me with both legs to watch this man at the stoplights holding out his cup !!

Well, I have lost, just my right leg, to amputation,,, and believe me,,, I have a whole new respect for that man !!! I can’t even believe that he could do what he did with both legs gone !!!

Here is my point,,, We really can’t relate until we have been there, done that, and have the tee-shirt (So to speak) !!!

So God may have given you some hardships and pain,,, but he is preparing you to be able to relate to someone and comfort them in your future meeting !!!

If you have all your parts and pieces,,, how can you relate to someone that doesn’t,,, If you have never been abused,,, how can you relate to someone that has,,, If you have never been unloved,, how can you relate to someone that has not been loved ??? If you have not been rejected,,, how can you relate to someone that has ???

Here is all I am saying,,, God has given us all trials and tribulations in our life,,, we know the pain, the hurt, and the loss,,,, we don’t have to fake it,,, it is real,,, so why don’t we use it to help someone else get through it ???

If you know someone that is going through what you have already dealt with,,, why don’t you reach out to them with your lessons learned ??? One thing you know for sure,,,, they can’t accuse you of not knowing what you are talking about !!!!

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself !!! I believe that is a Biblical truth,,, for happiness !!!

God Bless You in All You Do !!!

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