Life’s Storms

Good Morning !! Yesterday we had a pretty good snowing, blowing, cold snowstorm where I am living !!! Quite honestly, I like a good storm as long as it doesn’t get to the point of tearing things up or hurting people !!! They can be quite invigorating and energizing in a lot of ways !!

At the ground level, these storms can be raging with Thunder, Lightning, Rain, Snow, Hail, and varying degrees of wind!!!

But have you ever experienced the world above the storm,,, For instance, took off in an airplane during a storm on the ground and flew upward until you broke out of the clouds and into Blue Skies and Sunshine !!! Or drove up a mountain road in a storm or fog and all of a sudden climbed above the clouds or fog and opened up into beautiful blue skies and sunshine in the daytime or uncountable stars at night !!! What an experience !!!

Well, it is pretty much the same way with Life’s Storms !! We have friendship storms, greed storms, selfish storms, work storms, people storms, money storms, living storms, and health storms in our daily lives,,, just to name a few !!

The problem with all these life storms is that, in our present state, we are grounded under these storms, and it is hard, basically impossible, to get above them to the Blue Skies, Sunshine, and Stars that are always present !!!

We are all created with three intertwined but differing parts. The Physical which moves us around,,, the Mental which provides our reasoning and knowledge and the spiritual part which is our Soul !!

In my experience,,, the Physical and Mental are adapted to work from the ground,,, under the storms, with varying degrees of success !! The Soul, on the other hand, was designed and given to operate above the ground,,, out in the everlasting realm !! The Soul longs to be above the storms to provide hope, comfort, and peace during these Life Storms on the ground !!!

Okay, so how do you release your Soul to soar above the ground storms, up in the forever Blue Sky, Sunshine, and Stars ???

Well, your Soul has to be linked with the Creator that gifted it to you !! That link provides the freedom that we all long for, but can’t achieve on our own !!

To link your Soul to the Creator,,, you have to go through his Son,,, the Lord Jesus Christ !!! Once you believe and invite him into your heart,,, your Soul is linked to him and the ever after forevermore !!!

So instantly, after you link up, your Soul is free to fly above the storms and lift you up spiritually above the ground and out of the chaos of the ground storms around you !!! You will still be living physically and mentally grounded in the storms, but Spiritually, you are now above the storm looking down and filled with peace, comfort, and hope to confidently move through and conquer any of life’s storms that confront you !!!

I’m here to tell you,,, it works beyond your greatest imaginations !!!

God Bless and have a Sunshine-filled day !!!

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