Moments of Joy

I was setting in a mall today having a coffee in an area where there is all kinds of things for kids to enjoy,,, remote cars they can ride in with parents controlling them, cotton candy, big plastic floor chess game in the middle they can move around and a little train they can ride around the mall on !!!

As I was watching all this activity I noticed that most all of the people with the kids would turn from a solemn face to a smiling, happy, laughing expression- Almost without exception !!! You could just see the joy in their hearts as they interacted with their children playing and riding with all the other children and people – The atmosphere of the whole area changed into an area of fun and respect for the other people and children !!! It was truly inspiring !!! I set and watched for a long time at the change in people as they got involved with their children !!!!

Just imagine how different the world might be if we all carried that feeling of joy and happiness out into the rest of the world around us each day ???

I am not talking about walking around with a big fake grin on our face or getting into someone’s space with idle conversation or false concern,,, I am just talking about a small smile or quite hello as you pass by without really expecting anything in return- You might be surprised what happens,,, especially over time !!

Along the same line ,,,, each morning, for about a year now, I have been going down stairs to a small coffee vendor in my building- There is a couple of chairs down there beside the elevator setting in front of a big window looking out onto the street and sidewalk,,, I call it my virtual TV into the outside world !!

It opens at about 08:00 and people start coming into work – I started just saying hello to the people as they came to the elevator with their work faces on- As we all know,,, your work face/attitude can change a lot from Monday to Friday !!! I knew basically none of these people- At first I would, for the most part, maybe just get a look like who is this guy,,, or maybe a bit of a smile- But over time most all of the people now say hello and talk about the weather or something out in my virtual TV world – It is pretty amazing actually !!!

So here is my point from these experiences,,, what if we all just made a small effort to add a bit of joy to a strangers day – You can do that with just a sincere smile or quite hello ( in my experience,,, attempt to make eye contact with that smile or hello,,, it allows them to feel that you are associating/conversing with them and not just a cold crowd approach) !!!

Its the ole Golden Rule command from Jesus,,, “Do Unto Others as You would have Others Do Unto You” !!! It really still works, even in is torn up world right now !!!

May God Bless Your Day !!!

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