Alone and/or By Myself

Well, these are hard times,,,, pandemics, loss of work, isolation, health issues,, it is definitely tough right now- Hang in there it will get better !!!!

So do you find yourself alone and by yourself ??? I look at these states of being as two distinctly different issues- From my experience, one is physical in nature and one is mental ??!!

I live in an apartment in a foreign country with not many associates or friends here and don’t have a good mastery of the language- For as long as I have been here I should be fluent in the language,,, but,,, that is a story for a future time,,, but I can give you a clue to why,,, arrogance and laziness !!!

Anyhow back to “Alone” and “By Myself” !!!

I live alone so I have been “By Myself” for most of the last year- So I am “By Myself” but am I “Alone”,,, not at all- “By Myself” in my experience, is a physical state- I am by myself at home or in the woods or in my car most of the time- There are no people close around me !!!

Now “Alone” is a different deal- You can be alone by yourself or in a group of people- Have you ever been with a group of people you didn’t know or relate too very well,,, remember that feeling of aloneness even with a bunch of people around ??? That is a mental state that can haunt you wherever you are and whoever you are with/around !!!

So why am I never feeling “Alone” even when I am “By Myself” ??? It is the infilling of the Holy Spirit that I received when I accepted and asked the Lord Jesus Christ into my life !!! He is always there with me,,, I can talk with him in the middle of the day or middle of the night, in a crowd of people or by myself, driving, setting, flying or working and amazingly he talks back to me,,, not like a conversation we would have but with thoughts, convictions, guidance and the most comforting peace I have ever known !!!

I know it comes from him and works,,, all the time- I have been through Cancer, Below Knee amputation, loss of work, broken hands and fingers and divorce,, in just the last 18 months,,, but through it all, I have had a comforting peace that never leaves me- I am always reassured that,,, it is just the world and you will get through it,,, for sure,,, because he is always there !!!

I can attest, from personal experience, that the things all around me, of the world, tend to start taking a second, lesser important place in my life with his infilling spirit !!!

“Alone”,,, is no longer a dark haunting and empty feeling in my life,,, as long as I stay close to him !!!

In times like these and anytime, for that matter, it is good to have a constant and loving friend walking with you !!! One you can always depend on to be there through thick and thin !!!

Give it a shot,,, It works in all/every situation we may encounter as we go through this life !!!

Accept Jesus into your life and live Free !!!!


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