Pump House Light

Hello !!

As I have mentioned earlier, I spent the first 16 years of my life on a small farm- It was a great place to grow-up- Lots of room to run and explore and lots of animals to deal with- The place was pretty much self-sufficient- We grew most of our food, raised animals for food and milk, had our own septic system and water well to boot – About the only thing we received from outside was electricity and my dad had contingencies for that as well !!

Anyhow back to the water well and pump- The well was just outside the kitchen window with a pump to draw up the water- My dad had built a small insulated house around the wellhead and pump to keep it warm and out of the weather- We had four seasons with winter being the most intense/longest I think !!! It would get down into the -20’s to -30’s a lot of the time in the winter so dad had to keep the pumps and plumbing warm that was outside,, all in this little pump house !!!

I remember this pump house vividly – In this small house was a single light bulb,,, nothing fancy hanging from the ceiling over the pump- If you touched the bulb,, it could burn you but other then that, it seemed that there was not much heat considering the area inside – I asked my dad once how that small light could keep the pump from freezing- His answer surprised me- He said,,, it is not the heat from the bulb but the light from the bulb- I didn’t quite understand that but it seemed to work to keep the water flowing in the winter so why question it ???

I do remember a couple of times during winters that we would wake up to no water !!! Out to the pump house, we would go and sure enough, the bulb was out and it was black and cold inside this small house !!!! Of course, after a freeze up, it took a while to warm everything up and thaw the pipes so we had water again- That little bulb quickly became pretty important to me as I was the one who had to crawl around in that pump house and get the water flowing !!!!

Now let’s look at each of us- You could look at us as a small, self-contained unit moving around- We have everything that we need to survive most situations,,, give us a little water, food, and sleep and we are pretty much ready to go each day- Of all our organs, which one is probably the hardest working and most needed,,,, I would suggest our hearts ,,,, the pump !!!!

Without this pump working correctly,,, things go south pretty quickly !!!

So how is your pump ???

Is it cold and in the dark and even maybe about to freeze up- I am not talking physically,,, I am talking spiritually ??? Maybe you need to turn on the light !!!!

You note, I did not say install a light,,,, I said turn the light you have “ON” !!! I believe and know, from the bible and in my heart, that we all have the light already installed in our pump house,,, it is the word of God that he has placed in all of our hearts at creation- We just need to turn it on to protect us from the cold, dark world-

So how do we do that, you ask ??

Jesus is the switch that turns on the light inside us all- You seek him and acknowledge who and what he is,,, the only son of God and the savior of the world that came and gave his life on the cross to take on all our sins and be raised by God on the third day to take his place at the right hand of God !!!

You switch on Jesus in your life and you will never have to worry about your pump house being in the dark and freezing cold of the world !!!

Remember,,,, It is not the heat,,,, it is the light (Jesus) that saves !!!

God Bless Everyone !!!

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