What Are We Looking For

So What are we looking for,,, and we are all looking for something !!! We set up all these different associations to try and find what we feel, deep inside, we need. We have friends, clubs, social groups, social media, dating apps, FaceBook, Twitter, boyfriends, and girlfriends,,, none of them seem to fill the longing inside for more than a moment. We go to bars and parties, join specialized groups that we think are like us or that we think we want to be like. We chase fame and fortune, knowledge and wisdom, beauty and beast,,, nothing lasts for more than a moment,,, so we keep chasing- Everything seems to come and go in a flash and then it is gone.

I remember my 25th birthday,,, I was working in a bar in Portland Oregon- I was with lots of friends and seemed to be on the top of the world. This feeling will last forever, I thought !!?? Well fast forward to today,,,, 45 years later and I still have a clear picture in my mind of that night,,, and you know what,,,, it didn’t last forever it was just a moment ago in my memories !!! Just a moment ago ???

We have all heard the ole saying,,,, Body,,, Mind,,, and Spirit. Well, that is exactly what we are.

The Mind is what we learn with,,, filled with knowledge and experience. We try/want to use our minds to guide us in our chosen path through life. Usually, a path of worldly desires, wants needs and self-glorification. Again it is all here and gone in just a moment !!!

The Body,,, now that is just the transport vehicle and temporary place of residence for the Mind and Spirit- It provides a home for Mind and Spirit as we travel through life !!

Now we come to the Spirit. This is where it gets interesting and serious- This is where the longing and emptiness resides. This is where the need to find someone or something more originates from. The Spirit is constantly seeking to be joined back with the Father that gave it to us. It will never be content or at peace until that reunion happens !!! So we will never arrive at true peace or contentment until then as well !!!

So here is the problem,,, The Mind is of the world and wants to finds peace and contentment from the world,,, so it is a odds with the Spirit. The Spirit will never find peace and contentment from the world alone as the world is Material and the Spirit is, well, Spiritual. That is like mixing oil and water and putting it in your transport vehicle,,, before long it will tear itself apart !!!

The only way you will ever find real peace and contentment for you and your Spirit,,, is to reconnect to the Father that created both of you,,, The Lord Jesus Christ. But to do that you have to choose and force the Mind to seek a spiritual direction back to God and away from the wants and desires of the Material World. Therein lie the answer and the problem. You can’t have it both ways and from personal experience over all these years,,, I can attest to the fact that you can’t have it both ways. You can have the Worldly way for a moment before it fades away (like my 25th birthday) or you can choose to let your Spirit reconnect with the Father and you will go from a moment here to eternity with the Father in Heaven.

Here is the verse that guided me to this realization,,, Roman 8:16 – For his Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children. 17 And since we are his children, we are his heirs. (NLT Bible)

You will never be whole and/or able to end the “What am I looking for” until your Spirit is allowed to join back with the Spirit of God that created us. The Catch ??? You have to Choose,,, it’s your choice and your choice alone !!!!

Trade your moments for eternity with Jesus !!!

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