Never Say Never

Here we go,,, we have all had a time when we said, either out loud or to ourselves,,, I will “Never Do That Again” – In some cases that can be a good thing,, in other cases it may close doors and limit new horizons !!!

Case in point, from my own experience with Never Do That Again !!!

I had a maintenance company in Anchorage Alaska for a number of years- I would take on just about any type of maintenance work- Having grown up on a farm,, I had hands on experience with a lot of things but not much about anything- I was kind of a “Jack of All Trades and Master of None” so they say !! I was doing okay in my business but then some painting started to enter the picture- I could do it but I hated it,,, I mean I really hated painting apartments, building, condo’s,,, anything to do with painting – I finally reached the “I will Never Ever Paint Again” point – Well that went okay for awhile but then it begin to become painfully apparent (Loss of Income Apparent) that if I wanted the other work,,, I needed to paint as well !!!

So back into providing painting services I went – And guess what ,,,, that painting service turned out to open doors to many other opportunities, even outside of maintenance, that I would have never been introduced to without it !!!

That Life Experience I still carry with me !!

So you see,,, when you start to say or think,,, You will never do something,, something non-harmful to yourself or others,, what you are telling your minds eye/conscience over time is ,,, don’t even look in that direction !!! As soon as you do that you begin closing doors to opportunities for yourself that you may not even have imagined !!! Great and New Opportunities !!!

But you have to keep fighting that Never Attitude- Even after all my experiences with it,,, I was setting looking out the window this morning and saw a man jogging by- As you know I have had a below knee amputation of my right leg,, so there I am watching this jogger cruise by,,, and what came into my mind ??? I will never be able to jog again !!!! There I go,,, that NEVER word- Well when I came back to reality (not feeling sorry for myself) I thought about that thought ,,,, There are thousands of people in the world that have amputations and worse and are still jogging and playing sports and doing most everything people without a hindrance (the state of being interfered with, held back, or slowed down) are doing- So there I go- I was going to close doors before I even gave them a chance to open !!! What a loss that can be for us,,, Never allowing the doors to even crack open a bit so we can peep inside !!!


God Bless !!!!

One thought on “Never Say Never

  1. Jan Smith

    “Never say never” post is so true. Really puts one in a negative state when life throws hurdles. With prayer & faith, God will get us through the race. Potholes may slow us up, but finishing is the reward.

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