Hidden Away

Have you ever wondered why,, as you are reading God’s word from the Bible,,, how it will enlighten you in ways you could never imagine ??? I was reading from Psalms 30 last night and verse 6 hit me (POW) head on with the answer to the question I had been asking !!! That happens a lot while reading the Bible and believing in Jesus Christ. How can this be ??? Then a thought came to me and I know from whom it came ??!!

Imagine, for a minute, of walking into a huge dimly lite room,,, behind a heavy invincible door,,, and beyond that locked door contains all the knowledge and wisdom of God. Think about that,,, What a treasure !!!

Well God has said in his Bible that we will know him as he has placed his word into our hearts for us to use, live by and glorify him !!! By heart, I mean our spiritual heart, the heart of our soul, the heart that holds all our emotions and feelings,,, that heart !! So how do we access this wealth of knowledge and wisdom ???

The Bible,,, That is the Master Key that opens that huge invincible door into our heart ,,, filled with the wisdom of God. Now imagine that once you are in this great dimly lite room you barely see thousands and thousands and thousands of tiny drawers,,, What are they you wonder ??? They are the drawers full of the individual knowledge and wisdom of God,,, but they are locked as well ?? What opens them up ???

Scripture,,, that is the keys to the small drawers and in each drawer is an answer that your heart seeks, whether we know it yet or not. As we read the scriptures of the Bible they unlock some of these tiny drawers and the knowledge and wisdom of God begins to fill your heart with the answers and guidance that we all crave !!! That is why, as we read the Bible, a scripture will jump out at us with the exact answer that seems to apply only to us,,,, because it does !!! It is the wisdom of God applied just to our heart at that moment !!! What a Feeling !!!

Now here is an added bonus, once inside our locked heart’s vault. Each time we open one of those drawers of knowledge and wisdom,,, it shines a little light into this huge dimly lite room and we begin to see more clearly as we open more of the drawers. We are being filled with the light of God and our lives will take on a new and unstoppable meaning that is full of wisdom and the peace that only can come from our Creator. What a Feeling !!!

That is why I feel that the Bible speaks to each and every one of us,,, as ,,, each and every one of us. Give it a try!!! It Works !!!

Seek Jesus and He will find you !!!


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