Focus,,, how many times has someone told you that- My teachers and coaches were always telling me to focus- Well that is a good thing,,, but sometimes we need to change our point of focus to really focus on what we need to focus on ???

Simple case in point- My daughter and I used to assemble all kinds of Lego toys- There would be hundreds of multi-colored pieces of all sizes- We would lay them out on a small glass table we had- There would be times when we just couldn’t find a piece among all the pieces,,, we would stare and stare,,, look at the picture on the drawing and stare some more- At one point my daughter laid down on her back and scooted under the glass table,,,, bingo !!! After just a moment she would spot the piece- It worked for her almost every time- Nothing changed with the pieces or their layout,,, she just changed her perspective within her focus on the pieces !!!

Here is my point,,, sometimes we focus so hard on something we get a type of tunnel vision and can’t see the forest for the trees as they say !!

It is good to focus and set your direction,,, but if and when you hit a road block (and you will) in your journey,,, maybe step back and broaden your focus to a bigger surrounding- When you broaden your perspective outside your focus you can refocus around or through the road block to regain your original point of focus and continue forward !!??

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