What is comprehension- Well I looked it up and it is “the action or capability of understanding something” Seems simple enough- Ok lets think about this-

Take money for instance,,, all can comprehend 100 dollars and 1000 dollars and maybe even a million dollars,,,, but 1 billion dollars ?? Now that is getting into the realm of non-comprehension- So think about 1 Trillion dollars,,, put another way, if you live until you are 80 years old,,,, for $1 Trillion you would have to save $34 Million each day of your life,,,, 34 million a day,,, now that is beyond comprehension for 99.9% of people I would guess ???

So how do most of us react when something is non-comprehensible,, we hear it or know about it but don’t really think about it much-  It is way beyond our grasp and understanding in our reality,,, We Shrug it Off !!!

So let’s talk about Jesus taking on all the sin of the world (Past, Present and Future) while hanging on the cross and having God the Father, turn his back to him so that the plan of Jesus’s sacrifice for man’s redemption could be completed-  Separated from God the Father so that could happen- How tough was that ???

So how many sins would that be,,, I would guess trillions times trillions,,,, can we comprehend that- I am pretty confident in saying ,,, we cannot comprehend this,,, not in this life – So what do we tend to do,,,, Shrug if off and go about our lives.

Now here is the danger is shrugging this event off- This event opened the door for man to ask and receive forgiveness for your sins by excepting Jesus Christ into our lives- We may not comprehend the complete scope of this event,,, but we do need to understand the result of this event on our eternity- We need to take action to cement our eternal being with Jesus in heaven- As it states in John 14:6 ,,, “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Shrug this off until you die and you will spend eternity separated from God and in torment ,,,,  Better referred to as “Hell” !!! Do we comprehend “Hell” ?? I am sure we don’t or there would be no one rejecting the offer from Jesus !!!!!

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