Crushed by a Word

This morning I was in a bit of a hurry- I was fixing a thermos of tea and my daughter wanted to help- She brought over our whole box of all kinds of teas- She was in my way,,,, I told her that I didn’t need that and get it out of there- I immediately knew I had crushed her- She pulled the box away and went in the other room- She just wanted to help me !!

So what do you do,,,, You go find them, grab them, give them a hug and apologize to them,,, most importantly,,, you tell them you love them and you made a mistake,,, They need to understand that you still love them and that you are not perfect,,, you do make mistakes and that you will take responsibility and apologize for them.

Second most important thing ???? You learn from your mistake and think the next time before you loose your tongue !!!!

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