Forever,,, just how long is that- Can you put a number to it ,, 100 years??? 1000 years??? 100,000 years??? No I cannot put a number to it – If I do it is not Forever.

What lasts Forever,,, certainly not my car, not my house, not my work, not this present body?? I can think of only one thing that, in my mind, may last Forever,,,,, Love ??

Have you ever really been in Love,,, Kids, Bothers and Sisters, Wives, Husbands, Good Friends- When you really love these people, it does feel like it could last Forever- Love transcends our world, our limited surrounding, our mental reality, our perception of time- It is our hearts superseding our minds – Love can last Forever,,, however long that may be !!

That Love is what Jesus offers to all of us- Love that lasts forever and can never be taken away or destroyed by anyone or anything – All he asks is for us to accept him and believe in him to have Forever Love !!!!

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