Too Comfortable

I have fell into the deception of “Comfortable”

What is comfortable,,, Its seeing and not reacting,,, Its hearing and not commenting,,, Its believing and not sharing,,, Its not doing what I know I should be doing,,, Its comfortable !!

I have been comfortable most of my life ,,,  I ask forgiveness for that.

As a believer in Jesus Christ I should be Uncomfortable in this world… Why ??? Because a lot of things that are being peddled as acceptable today,,, are not. The Political Correctness, the Abortions, the Gay Pride, the Abuses against woman and children, the Greed in the name of “I deserve”, the head down and mouth shut and you will be okay strategy.

To stand up on the other side against any of these worldly accepted Sins, will definitely be Uncomfortable for you today.

Lord, please convict me to be Uncomfortable !!!

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