Hidden Away

Have you ever wondered why,, as you are reading God’s word from the Bible,,, how it will enlighten you in ways you could never imagine ??? I was reading from Psalms 30 last night and verse 6 hit me (POW) head on with the answer to the question I had been asking !!! That happens a lot while reading the Bible and believing in Jesus Christ. How can this be ??? Then a thought came to me and I know from whom it came ??!!

Imagine, for a minute, of walking into a huge dimly lite room,,, behind a heavy invincible door,,, and beyond that locked door contains all the knowledge and wisdom of God. Think about that,,, What a treasure !!!

Well God has said in his Bible that we will know him as he has placed his word into our hearts for us to use, live by and glorify him !!! By heart, I mean our spiritual heart, the heart of our soul, the heart that holds all our emotions and feelings,,, that heart !! So how do we access this wealth of knowledge and wisdom ???

The Bible,,, That is the Master Key that opens that huge invincible door into our heart ,,, filled with the wisdom of God. Now imagine that once you are in this great dimly lite room you barely see thousands and thousands and thousands of tiny drawers,,, What are they you wonder ??? They are the drawers full of the individual knowledge and wisdom of God,,, but they are locked as well ?? What opens them up ???

Scripture,,, that is the keys to the small drawers and in each drawer is an answer that your heart seeks, whether we know it yet or not. As we read the scriptures of the Bible they unlock some of these tiny drawers and the knowledge and wisdom of God begins to fill your heart with the answers and guidance that we all crave !!! That is why, as we read the Bible, a scripture will jump out at us with the exact answer that seems to apply only to us,,,, because it does !!! It is the wisdom of God applied just to our heart at that moment !!! What a Feeling !!!

Now here is an added bonus, once inside our locked heart’s vault. Each time we open one of those drawers of knowledge and wisdom,,, it shines a little light into this huge dimly lite room and we begin to see more clearly as we open more of the drawers. We are being filled with the light of God and our lives will take on a new and unstoppable meaning that is full of wisdom and the peace that only can come from our Creator. What a Feeling !!!

That is why I feel that the Bible speaks to each and every one of us,,, as ,,, each and every one of us. Give it a try!!! It Works !!!

Seek Jesus and He will find you !!!



Focus,,, how many times has someone told you that- My teachers and coaches were always telling me to focus- Well that is a good thing,,, but sometimes we need to change our point of focus to really focus on what we need to focus on ???

Simple case in point- My daughter and I used to assemble all kinds of Lego toys- There would be hundreds of multi-colored pieces of all sizes- We would lay them out on a small glass table we had- There would be times when we just couldn’t find a piece among all the pieces,,, we would stare and stare,,, look at the picture on the drawing and stare some more- At one point my daughter laid down on her back and scooted under the glass table,,,, bingo !!! After just a moment she would spot the piece- It worked for her almost every time- Nothing changed with the pieces or their layout,,, she just changed her perspective within her focus on the pieces !!!

Here is my point,,, sometimes we focus so hard on something we get a type of tunnel vision and can’t see the forest for the trees as they say !!

It is good to focus and set your direction,,, but if and when you hit a road block (and you will) in your journey,,, maybe step back and broaden your focus to a bigger surrounding- When you broaden your perspective outside your focus you can refocus around or through the road block to regain your original point of focus and continue forward !!??

What Time

What time is a good time to pray or talk with God ,,, Well the short answer is Anytime and All the time. IF you draw close to him,,,, he will draw close to you !!! But there is one catch. You have to believe and accept his free gift of salvation provided through his son Jesus Christ. If you do that, he will always be with you and guide you and you will know your future is in Heaven with him !!!

But here is the clarification from Jesus himself,,, John 14:6 ” Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” So what does that say ??? It tells me that unless you believe and accept Jesus,,,, your prayers may be falling on deaf or the wrong ears !!!!

Jesus,,,, seek him out and he will find you !!!!!

Can and Will

Can and/or Will are interesting words that carry a lot of deeper meaning. For instance, Can I climb Mt. Everest,, Short answer ,,,, Yes I can ??? But Will I climb Mt. Everest,,, short answer ,,, No,,, I probably won’t. It is easy to say I can but something completely different to say I will ,,, unless I prepare extensively to be able to do it ,,, Can I fly a jet ,,, well yes I can but will I ever actually do it,,, No,,, unless I prepare/train extensively to be qualified to do it.

Now lets apply Can and Will to Heaven and Hell. I know the “H” words !!

Okay so Can everyone go to Heaven,, Man, Woman, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Atheist or anyone else ??? Well the short answer is “Yes”,,, everyone Can go to Heaven,, it is all inclusive,, if your prepare for it.

So here’s the catch !!!

Okay so Will everyone go to Heaven ??? The short answer is “No”. It becomes exclusive once you pass out of this world. Once you die there is no longer the Can part ,,, It is now the Will Part  ,,, Harsh as it may seem,, You Will either go to Heaven(You want to go there) or Hell (You do not want to go there),, depending on your preparation while you were here in the world !!

What preparation you say,, well it is pretty simple but real hard for most of us to accept and act on !!( Pride and Arrogance play a big role in holding us back from making the decision for Eternity ,,, You Know,,, We are never going to die and/or,,, there is always tomorrow ??? Maybe,,,)

As it is laid out in the Bible, if you want to go to Heaven for eternity, you have to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ ,,, accept and believe in him and accept him into your life, admit you are a sinner and ask forgiveness !!! Here, below, are a couple of verses from the Bible that lays it out pretty simply and clearly !!

Romans 10:9 – If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved 10- One believes with the heart, resulting in righteousness, and one confesses with the mouth, resulting in salvation.

John 14:6 – Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.

We Can all prepare for our Eternity NOW,,, so we Will go to Heaven when we pass on !!!

Definitely something to think about,,,,, NOW !!!